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Civility in Iraq

Gateway Pundit has an English translation of an Iraqi newspaper which reports about demonstrations for unity in Iraq. Here's a portion:

In Hillah over 3000 demonstrated after Friday's united prayers (Shiite & Muslim together) at the Haytaween mosque. The united prayers were lead by Sheik Mohamed Alfateh (Sunni) and Sheik Jasim Alkalebi (Shiite). The two speakers called for Muslim unity and denounced all terror activity as unIslamic and asked for keeping unity.

In Al-Koot hundreds demonstrated after Friday prayers protesting the bombing of the samara shrine and the attacks on the Sunni mosques. Unified Friday prayers in Al-Koot were held at the large central mosque in the city. Speakers at the prayers call for rejecting sectarianism.

In Amarah over 15,000 demonstrated after Friday prayers condemning the samara bombing and attacks on Sunni mosques. Banners read, Sunnis & Shiites are like Hassan & Hussein (referring to two grand children of the profit Mohamed), banners also read that Muslim references (Shiite religious leaders) condemn terrorism in all its forms.

In Karbala Sheik Abdulmehdi Alkarblaa'i (representative of Sustain) in his Friday after prayers speech at the Hussein Shrine called for peaceful and brotherly coexistence, condemned violence and called for national unity. He added; "We know the nature of this crime and the ones before it, we also know these crimes are not of Sunni doings, but they are the deeds of the enemies of Sunnis & Shiites".

In Basra over 10,000 demonstrated with banners asking to form the new government as quickly as possible.

Of course, these demonstrations are not covered in the MSM. Instead, we've got practically gleeful declarations of Iraq being on the brink of civil war.

Here is Time Magazine's cover for this week.

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Comments (10)

What the MSM doesn't seem t... (Below threshold)

What the MSM doesn't seem to comprehend is, there are a number of Iraqi's who see these stories. Those Iraqi's are looking at this as the attitude of America as a whole.

I'm fed up with the MSM.

I should have said the stor... (Below threshold)

I should have said the stories of glee regarding civil war.

Bush says civil war in Ira... (Below threshold)

Bush says civil war in Iraq is not inevitable, can someone shut off his T-Vo, he needs to see the war right now. Civil war has broken out.
Raymond B

It seems to me that civil w... (Below threshold)

It seems to me that civil war has not broken out and that both sides know that it would be in their best interests not to have civil war. That would most likely end in ethnic cleansing and disintegration of the state unless a foreign power stepped in or another dictator. The calls for unity from the political leaders are not really surprising, as it is in their best interest to come to a compromise that will lead to power sharing. There is an interesting series of articles in Foreign Affairs this issue talking about the tribal politics and the current situation each is in. I am not sure if it is online, but maybe someone could check into that.

The citizens of Iraq, regar... (Below threshold)

The citizens of Iraq, regardless of their specific flavor of religion, are PEOPLE, not Martians, and they want what we all want; to be safe, to care for their families, to be able to work and build for the future. There are extremists aplenty, though, and so the question becomes; are there enough of them to wage actual WAR against each other, contrary to what the majority want? I sure hope not...


From the last two posts... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

From the last two posts It seems to me that civil war has not broken out and then from the last one, the opposite This is a civil war. On whether a civil war or not is taking place in Iraq? I think John Simpson, a veteran BBC reporter, has the wisest response "Only people outside Iraq bother to argue about whether what is happening here is a civil war" FROM LIFE-AND-DEATH STRUGGGLE FOR IRAQ And some, particularly the present Bush administration, thought that the intricate run-up to Iraqi democractic elections would reduce the carnage..Instead, unfortunately, for the Iraqis, the situation appears worse.

I think it worth pointing o... (Below threshold)
JohnM..fair comment..but th... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

JohnM..fair comment..but then this friendly fire" incident may have effected his objectivity, and made him less inclined to accept the American government point of view. I was in London at that time, and his despair was quite palpable on television.

It is clear that if it w... (Below threshold)

It is clear that if it were up to the troops, the US would be out of Iraq by the end of the year. In a poll of troops in Iraqi bases, conducted by Zogby International, 72% said the US should withdraw in 2006; more than a third of those said the troops should leave immediately. Just over one in five agreed with the president that they should stay in Iraq "as long as needed".

Another striking element of the poll was the opinion of US soldiers over why they were there.

Only a quarter thought their role was establishing a democracy "that can be a model for the Arab world".

Nearly 86% said it was "to retaliate for Saddam's role in the 9/11 attacks", a role proved to have been non-existent.

Cannot believe how easy it is to brainwash American soldiers, they really do believe this war was about 911.....amazing

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