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Wackos Descending on the White House

The people from United for Peace & Justice are going to storm the White House. Look at what they are planning (All emphasis mine):

Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when you can and stay as long as you can - we are taking over the White House until they leave. Torture, Occupation, Genocide - Must End Now.

For Nat Turner, For Martin and Coretta, For all the Torture and Assassination in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and many others - We will not allow the Slave Holders that Still Prevail in this Country to Rule us any longer. Imprisonment and torture based on race, religion, resources or region is no different than the slavery we sought to abolish years ago. The Administration is Criminal and if they will not step down, we must storm in.

We are calling on all Member Nations of the U.N., All Representatives and Justices in the World Court and International Criminal Courts, all soldiers and CIA agents and government officials who have been blackmailed by the dictators to incarcerate Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. The Political Cooperative will put a new government in place that is comprised of people from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all the organizations that have finally made us aware of the truth of the savage practices and illegal policies of our government in assassinating our own officials as well as people throughout the world who oppose their criminal activity.

These people are nuts. They are stating in a press release that they are going to storm into the White House. This alone should trigger a secret service investigation. Besides, how close to the White House do they expect to get after having announced their intentions to the entire world, which includes the secret service, FBI, and local law enforcement?

And I wonder if the CIA and NSA realize they are listed as sponsors of this event:

Sponsored By:

We are requesting participation from all members of the United Nations, PFAW, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Code Pink, police, soldiers, ACLU, CIA, NSA and International Courts of Justice/World Court.


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Comments (24)

I think what drives them nu... (Below threshold)

I think what drives them nuts is that everyone ignores them.

We need to hire a dictator ... (Below threshold)

We need to hire a dictator for a day or two.

Too many of our citizens ar... (Below threshold)

Too many of our citizens are turning into savages.

I'd like to invite everyone... (Below threshold)

I'd like to invite everyone of these moonbats to join me here in Iraq for a week to see WHAT THE REAL TRUTH IS. Idiots, every last one of them.

I went to the website, and ... (Below threshold)

I went to the website, and it looks real enough, but I swear that reads like a parody to me. As you say, why would anyone be stupid enough to announce this?

It seems to me that gradual... (Below threshold)

It seems to me that gradually over the last few years every nutjob in the nation has decided that it is their duty by god to tell the world the truth, and no one knows the "real" truth except for them, even though they have probably never read an actual book in their entire lives or experienced anything they are talking about. So, my question is, Im all for free speech, but is anyone else starting to feel like freedom of speech should only be given after the completion of a high school equivilancy exam and a mental evaluation?

So, my question is, Im a... (Below threshold)

So, my question is, Im all for free speech, but is anyone else starting to feel like freedom of speech should only be given after the completion of a high school equivilancy exam and a mental evaluation?

Someone somewhere else on the 'net noted that free speech makes it easier to spot the idiots, as in this case.

I looked up events in Georg... (Below threshold)

I looked up events in Georgia and it said there is a rally April 1st...hhmmmm. April FOOL'S day sounds like the perfect day for this group to march.

Good Lord what exactly is t... (Below threshold)

Good Lord what exactly is their aim?..Should
we let Michael Moore n Sean Penn take over the
reins..would that plz them?..ugh.

When I was in college there... (Below threshold)

When I was in college there was a group that wanted to "smash imperialism and the KKK". They wanted "unlimited free speech on campus" and "no military recruiters on campus" on the same flyer. They had a table at every campus event with no people at it, just literature. It looks like some of these people are still in business.

I do have a constructive su... (Below threshold)

I do have a constructive suggestion: Considering the BDS crowd already believes Bush is on vacation all the time, why not let'em. Bush can spend another month in Texas (without Mamma Sheehan, she'll not doubt also be in D.C.) let these people have the WH for a month. In fact I'd spring for the cash to feed them for one day of the month, the comedic value gained would be worth the cost.

And besides, while the media's attention is on these nutjobs in D.C. "BushCo" and his "Rovinian minions" can sign all sorts of executive orders restricting even more "civil rights."

As you say, why would an... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

As you say, why would anyone be stupid enough to announce this?

This is an easy one. They want publicity. If you announce it, the media will come and you will get free publicity. They hope that the authorities beat them or tear gas them or do anything to justify their moonbat position.

About 20 years ago in South Korea, the students at the various universities in Seoul rioted on a fairly regular basis. They would announce the riot, the police would show up adn there would be general mayhem. Of course, all of it was captured by the TV cameras and beamed around the world.

In 1988, the Olympics were coming to Seoul. The South Korean government was worried about the riots when the focus of the world was on the city. Early in the year, they decided to try an experiment in an attempt to defuse the situation. One of the most radical universities announced a protest. The media showed up and set up their cameras. The students charged out of the university grounds. There was one problem. The government decided to NOT send the police. The students milled about for a while then headed back onto the campus. The government's new approach worked. The rioting calmed down because there was no more publicity.

This is the same. The moonbats want the cameras rolling. If they tried this with no advanced warning, it would be mentioned as an afterthought on the nightly news. This way, they hope to get publicity that their ideas really don't warrant.

Of course we know the MSM a... (Below threshold)

Of course we know the MSM are going to be on a feeding frenzy for this.

I think nonsense like this ... (Below threshold)

I think nonsense like this just helps the conservative contingent. I hope Sheehan IS there, because it will just be added evidence of her nuttiness. It is no wonder the Dems cannot win elections when this is the kind of group that they identify with, every time they bash the Bush administration.

Oh, I see. Anyone who dare... (Below threshold)

Oh, I see. Anyone who dares to stray from the talking points of the Republican swine fascist Karl Rove must by all means be STOPPED. Yes, we do not tolerate opposition in this fascist swine party. No sir. Only those who are in 100 percent full aggreement with the fascist swine talking points of Karl Rove will be accepted.

Just in case you wingnuts don't quite get it, that was SARCASM.

What I believe is this: Any American who votes Republican in November is a traitor.

That's right. Traitor.

And a hell of a lot of people agree. You people are getting all hysterical and are running scared. Your time is running out. After November, there will be some BIG changes in the Governorships, and the US House and Senate. And two years after that, you'll all be a smelly little asterisk (that's as in *) in the history books.

OK, John - two of the red p... (Below threshold)

OK, John - two of the red pills, and a little nap, now...

I see a campaign commercial... (Below threshold)

I see a campaign commercial here.

Show those loony bins and say:

Is this who you want protecting your country?

John P.-What is is... (Below threshold)

John P.-

What is is, bud? You can't imagine that people might actually look at what the Dems aren't offering (like actual ideas, hope, encouragement, postive thinking) and are choosing to turn away from them? It must be some sort of Rovian plot? Because you KNOW the great mass of people are too damn stupid to choose for themselves to NOT follow the Democrat lines?

Is that what's bothering you, bub?

Well, let me tell you what's bothering me.

I've been hoping to see SOME signs of sanity coming from the Democratic Party for a LONG time now. Instead, I see them (and folks like you) throwing tantrums like nap-deprived 2-year olds who've learned that they can scream "NO!" at the top of their voices and get attention. You want the voters to give you control - when you won't even control yourselves.

The Democratic Party's turned into the puke ride at the Political Carnival. You shove party elitists into power who haven't a clue, a plan, a hope, or an idea except to tear down what already works in the nebulous hope of creating something of your own, and you expect us to just jump on and happily let you turn everything upside down? Are we supposed to just let our 'betters' run the country?

And somehow you expect us to be converted to support your idiotic ideology by calling us 'traitors'? Oh, yeah. That'll really make us look at your arguments and judge them impartially, won't it?

Now as far as being traitors if you're voting Republican... 'a hell of a lot of people agree'? So what? I'm sorry - but I don't lock-step well. I look at everything I can get my hands on regarding political issues - and form my own opinions. My opinions right now are that the Democratic Party's sold out to people who are one step removed from the folks in the old USSR, the sort who would gleefully send their neighbors to Siberia for any hint of heterodoxy. The Democratic Party's got no ideas, no grasp of reality, and no chance if they don't pull their heads out of their *'s. They're already well along the way towards being put on the list of failed political parties - like the Whigs, and I see no point in preserving their hopes for political relevance when they aren't doing anything to be worthy of it.

As far as treason goes... let's see. Fighting the US? Nope - last I heard, voting (no matter WHICH party you vote for) was legal. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Seeing the only group in the US that does that seems to be over on the Democratic side, I'll decline to comment further to that except to note that you've got one damn loose definition of 'treason' if that's your critera for it.

Dude, if you were any more foolish, I'd suspect you of being a 'Rovian Plant'. And oddly enough, I feel I'm insulting the vegetable world by using the comparison. I'm going to have to go find a daffodil and apologize to it.


Don't get too excited about... (Below threshold)

Don't get too excited about this. It's just another wacko with a blog. Never heard of him, doesn't have any support and is making claims of alliances that don't exist. It's something like the lefty version of Free Republic. Tinfoil hats with intenet connections.

I really doubt that the med... (Below threshold)

I really doubt that the media will cover this due to sheer embarrassment. Covering "million man / mom / whatever" marches when only a few thousand people show up is fine; covering Cindy Sheehan is fine. But showing the left in all its naked, loopy glory: NOT fine.

Kim, those organizations ar... (Below threshold)

Kim, those organizations are not listed as the event's sponsors, they are "requesting" their sponsorship where they would list their sponsors if they had any, which they don't. And as for the scary "storm the White House" language, here's the part of their release you left out:

White House, Washington DC Starting March 15th, come for as long as you can and bring signs that say U.N. SOS and "Leave Now" or whatever you would like to say.

Oooh, signs! Not guns, not rpg's, not gas masks. Signs. Call the secret service immediately! They've got magic markers and they know how to use them!

So does the factv they're b... (Below threshold)

So does the factv they're bringing magic markers to a gunfight make them less lunatic?

The harder the moonbats try... (Below threshold)

The harder the moonbats try to make their point, the more crazy they appear. Keep talking, you haven't quite alienated ALL of your voter base and I'm starting to catch my breath. LOL

Oh, NO! How are the poor, u... (Below threshold)
Jonas Planck:

Oh, NO! How are the poor, unarmed, helpless, pacifistic CIA, DSA, NSA, FBI, Homesec, Secret Service and the police going to defend themselves? They'll be overwhelmed by dozens of smelly hippies, which we all know are the deadliest combatants known to man!

This calls for extreme measures to be put in place. I suggest allowing police to carry guns, or even letting the Secret Service follow the President around for a day or so, perhaps even undertaking minor security measures to protect him. I know this sounds extreme, but in the face of such a deadly foe, no expense must be spared.






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