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You'd think he would know better...

There is a well-known but little-discussed law of the internet: anyone who purports to be a minor looking for sex online is, almost guaranteed, a police officer who is not only well past the age of consent, but quite likely not even the same gender as they say they are.

It seems that everyone knows this law, but still idiot perverts fall for the same old scam.

One would think that after a while, they would realize that it just doesn't work, but they don't.

Not even when the idiot pervert is himself a police officer...

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Maybe they can arrange a sp... (Below threshold)

Maybe they can arrange a special cell-mate for him, possibly someone he arrested.

Many stories like that at <... (Below threshold)

Many stories like that at perverted justice.com involving school teachers and so called pillars of the community.

Except, when they go to meet for their tryst -- they get local news TV cameras instead.

<a href="http://www.tshirth... (Below threshold)

This just about says it all.

Oh, and if you can't read t... (Below threshold)

Oh, and if you can't read the shirt in the pic, it says, "I'm the teenaged girl you ####ed off with in the chatroom last night."

It seems that ever... (Below threshold)
It seems that everyone knows this law, but still idiot perverts fall for the same old scam.

Well, people still send their confidential financial information to those widows of former Nigerian government officials, so what do you expect?

And then there's this.

Repeat after me: "Stupidity is not a myth."

Yeah, some still vote Democ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, some still vote Democrat too, some people never learn.






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