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True Crime roundup

Three criminal cases caught my eye this morning, but I lack the time to go into depth on any of them.

In Dorchester, a convenience store clerk has apparently been taking lessons from his New Hampshire colleagues. A punk tried to rob him at gunpoint, the clerk started yelling and brandishing a milk crate. The owner and the clerk chased the would-be robber away, and police later caught a suspect. The "gun" turned out to be a BB gun.

In New Hampshire, a gang member is on trial over a baseball-bat beating that left a man paralyzed from the neck down. His buddies are apparently trying the old witness-intimidation racket, and have been using cell phones to take pictures of jurors. The judge is aware of it, and is threatening to toss any would-be shutterbugs with jail time.

And in Brighton, Massachusetts, one 51-year-old guy has learned the old lesson that "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." He answered an ad to become a porn movie star, and was gullible enough to send in $5,000 to the would-be producers. Surprisingly, he hasn't heard back from them since his check cleared. Apparently his misunderstood the old truism that "there's a sucker born every minute."

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Jay: I assume the pun was i... (Below threshold)

Jay: I assume the pun was intended?

JayRe: item, too. ... (Below threshold)


Re: item, too. My courthouse banned photo-enabled cell phones a couple of years ago just for that reason. We try too many gang cases and we've seen too many witnesses threatened and murdered (which is why we also redact any identifying information from filed complaints and reports...even in defense discovery).

A 51-year old guy who wants... (Below threshold)
Remy logan:

A 51-year old guy who wants to be a porn star deserves to have his money taken. And then to call the cops -- he obviously has no shame. Which I guess explains why he wants to be a porn star.






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