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Bush, Rove and the Blogosphere

Bill Sammon, now with The Washington Examiner, writes in his new book Strategery that President Bush cheers the decline of the MSM and the rise of alternative media. Here are some quotes as posted on Drudge:

"I find it interesting that the old way of gathering the news is slowly but surely losing market share," Bush said in an exclusive interview for the new book STRATEGERY. "It's interesting to watch these media conglomerates try to deal with the realities of a new kind of world."

"And the amazing thing about this world we live in is that there's a kind of free-flowing, kind of bulletin board of ideas and thoughts out there in the ether space, sometimes landing on somebody's desk and sometimes not, but always available. It's a very interesting period."

"I think what's healthy is that there's no monopoly on the news," Bush said. "There's competition. There's competition for the attention of, you know, 290 million people, or whatever it is."

Rove discusses how the downfall of Dan Rather's memo-gate proves the power of the blogosphere:

"The whole incident in the fall of 2004 showed really the power of the 'blogosphere'," he said in his West Wing office.

"Because in essence you had now, an army of self-appointed experts looking over the shoulder of the mainstream media and bringing to bear enormously sophisticated skills," he added.

I'm glad to see that Bush and Rove understand the importance of the blogosphere in disseminating information; however, as Michelle Malkin notes, they need to do a much better job of monitoring reaction to their policies, particularly the ports deal.

Maybe President Bush could have avoided this headache.

Also blogging on this topic:

Atlas Shrugs says it's hot off the net.

Little Green Footballs posts with Bush Praises Blogosphere.

Power Line says Bush Hails Blogosphere.


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Faithful readers of the blo... (Below threshold)
K P Winterer:

Faithful readers of the blogs just watched it happen. They read about the Ports Deal and anxiously await a response from the WH. . . and receive none. It's just mysterious how the GOP can let this happen if they're at all conscious of what's going on in the blogosphere: the place where it's happening 24/7! They were worried about Cheyney, but as reported on Drudge, the Ports deal reporting began with the WSJ in late October! That's when they should have begun their response!






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