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Sorry For The Downtime

The server that hosts Wizbang had an extra long reboot involving a full disk check, which meant the site was down for nearly one hour. This has prompted me to move up a scheduled server move to this weekend. We will be moving to a dedicated server.

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I think IMAO.US is on that ... (Below threshold)

I think IMAO.US is on that same server. iT was down during the same period, and first 2 IP numbers are the same.

Dedicated servers are great... (Below threshold)

Dedicated servers are great - provided you know how to manage them. Complete control over every aspect, over what is running and what is not. Great move, imho.

e3fs is your friend- when y... (Below threshold)

e3fs is your friend- when you set up the new box, make sure you use that as your FS type (ReiserFS is good too- any journalled filesystem). It doesn't always keep you from a huge fsck, but it sure does reduce the odds of having to endure one.






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