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Vietnam Colored World

Some people can only see the world through Vietnam colored glasses:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A giant "Peace Tower" with panels by 200 artists likening the war in Iraq to Vietnam will be the first thing to confront visitors entering the leading showcase of contemporary American art, the Whitney Biennial.

"The anti-war sentiment among artists has been very strong, it's what we felt everywhere, whether we were at an artist's studio doing abstract paintings or whatever," said Chrissie Iles, co-curator of New York show which opens on Thursday at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

So these artists couldn't have been a little more creative with their anti-war protests?

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Do ya think there will be a... (Below threshold)

Do ya think there will be any cartoons in the show?


Perhaps the artist names sh... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the artist names should be noted for when they apply for their grants.

Come on guys, can you NOT s... (Below threshold)

Come on guys, can you NOT see a trend. Look at the decline of modern hollywood. There is literally nothing original coming out of hollywood. Most of the movies out are REMAKES. TV is dominated by reality TV and reruns. The Art world is in no way shape or form different from Hollywood. Nothing original anymore. No creativity. Just stagnation and decline. The cult of personality has taken the place of genuine creativity.

Who buys art?Serio... (Below threshold)

Who buys art?


I *am* an artist, of a sort. My parents are wonderfully talented. My daughter may well be looking at a future as a "professional" artist... she does some really great stuff (I should put some of her work on my new blog (yes, I gave in, so sue me)).

But who buys art?

It's a market thing, as much as "artists" and art consumers would dislike the idea. Artists of any stature owe it to the fact that they produce what fine art consumers prefer to buy.

I don't think anyone buys a... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone buys art, in the sense of frames and drawings and pretty paintings. They experience art though, daily. Music, museums, films, books and blogs.

I don't think anyone buy... (Below threshold)
diversity day:

I don't think anyone buys art, in the sense of frames and drawings and pretty paintings. They experience art though, daily. Music, museums, films, books and blogs.

That is exactly what the content distributors want. They don't want people "buying art", they want people to buy limited licences to enjoy "intellectual property".

Hmmm.Frankly I lov... (Below threshold)


Frankly I love art in it's myriad forms. But I generally detest "modern" art.

Utter garbage.

For those gung ho armchair ... (Below threshold)

For those gung ho armchair warriors, why are you wasting time typing brave words here, why are you NOT in Iraq facing real freedom warriors who are fighting for their own currently occupied land? They are killing the proxy cannon fodders of the bush and rummy gansters at the rate of 2 a day....do you understand what unjust war means? Get off the high horse of yours and come to reality instead of sitting in your comfortable chair and urging your social dropouts to die meaninglessly. Buy oil, don't grab it. Free oil days are gone, your days are numbered.

Someone said recently that ... (Below threshold)

Someone said recently that many who were radicals in the late '60s/early '70s are still that...radicals in the late '60s/early '70s






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