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Winning the war on terror, one giggle at a time

I've often said, proudly, that I consider myself a Zionist. It's a conclusion I've come to after careful consideration and reasoning -- the world is a better place with Israel in it. As a corollary, I have a great deal of resentment and loathing of anti-Semitism, especially in the more virulent forms that are becoming predominant around the world today.

In the aftermath of the Great Mohammed Cartoon Brouhaha, one group decided that the best way to fight back against one Danish newspaper publishing these cartoons was to have a contest of its own, openly soliciting the most vile, anti-Semitic cartoons they could. I don't quite see the connection here, but I guess I can let it slide.

I took a look at these cartoons, and they can be pretty nasty.

On the other hand, some are pretty funny.

In fact, one of them made me actually laugh out loud -- and that's a high standard.

Humor is a mark of civilization. "He who laughs last, laughs best" is also a mark of social progress.

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What do you think will make... (Below threshold)

What do you think will make them madder, the origional cartoons, or the fact that no matter how hard they try, we will not get upset over their attempts to infuriate us, as we have outrageous stuff in the media every day. Heck, we are the kings of outrageous publicity stunts.

Oh, they know what infuriat... (Below threshold)

Oh, they know what infuriates us, but is it just my imagination or has there been a moratorium on beheadings?

I am neutral on Israel and ... (Below threshold)

I am neutral on Israel and the Jews who support them. Yes, a lot of Arabs and Euopeans are anti-Semetic. But a majority of Israelis and American Jews are anti-Christian.

I do not see how the US is a safer place because of our support for Israel. In fact Americans are in far more danger because we support Israel. It would be smarter if we were neutral in this conflict. Cut off aid to Israel and all Arab states. Let them solve their own problems.

This would also help Christians in America. A lot of the Jewish money going to anti-Christian groups like the ACLU and NARAL would loose funding because American Jews would pick up the slack from our lack of foreign aid.

Backing Israel is a loosing proposition for all Americans.

loosing??... (Below threshold)
diversity day:


RA, you say you're neutral ... (Below threshold)

RA, you say you're neutral on Israel, but your comments are anti-semitic. the USA will never turn it's back on Israel, and shouldn't. we've supported israel much longer than we've been in the war on terror. the terroists are coming after us, regardless of who we support, and isolationism, is not the answer.

RA, you must know a whole d... (Below threshold)

RA, you must know a whole different (or no) species of Israeli than I.
In fact, I suspect you pronounce that certain word as joooo.

What's up with all the Chri... (Below threshold)

What's up with all the Christian babies' blood? I thought they drank Palestinian babies' blood! Can't they get their lies straight anymore?

"Let them solve their own p... (Below threshold)

"Let them solve their own problems"

Seems to me that Israel can solve its own problems rather well. They are surrounded by enemies who cannot solve their own problems no matter how much assistance they are given. They aren't able to form a stable economy, much less an adequate military, and know that Israel could crush them at will as they did in the past. One scenario, albeit an unlikely one: Hamas attacks Israel, Israel utterly destroys the palestnians, Iran attacks Israel and the US in response (because we support Israel), US in turn wipes out Iran and any local players stupid enough to interfere. After all, the US military isn't necessarily 'stretched thin' in the Iraq war - we're playing nice and trying to build something of value in the region, which is pretty much the last resort after diplomacy and foreign aid failed for the last 40 years. That effort is expensive and time consuming, as nation-building tends to be. Destroying a nation is much easier, cheaper and faster than tearing it down, occupying and rebuilding it. If nukes were to be involved, history is on our side; the US only used nukes to end a war - Iran wants to use nukes to start one. Big difference.

You do realize these are no... (Below threshold)

You do realize these are not the cartoons solicited as retaliation for the Danish cartoons. These were solicted (by Israelis) as retaliation for the retaliation.

The link you provide does not go to those "fight[ing] back against one Danish newspaper."

I think kurt has it right. ... (Below threshold)

I think kurt has it right. Didn't Iran solicit anti-Semitic cartoons to make a point? And instead of getting offended and angry people said, hey, we can do better ones, just watch...

The one linked to above made me laugh too. Out loud even. ;-)

Yeah, I'm with kurt and Syn... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I'm with kurt and Synova... that's about what I heard.






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