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Yet more dumb criminals

Sometimes it's just too easy...

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a guy was driving drunk and had some pot on him when he went for a drive. He didn't care for how the car in front of him was driving, so he laid on the horn and started tailgating. He was convinced he'd irritated the occupants when they hit the blue lights on their unmarked cruiser. In fact, he was so convinced that he didn't stop in time, and bumped their car.

And in Framingham, Massachusetts, a guy was arrested for illegal possession of a gun. He argued that it wasn't his gun, that he'd never seen it before, and it was all a bum rap. But once the police unwrapped his bum, his story fell apart. It seems that our young Einstein was so proud of his gun, he'd had a drawing of it tattooed on his hip -- right down to the serial number.


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For your Dancing with the S... (Below threshold)

For your Dancing with the Stars fans, here's some dirt on Master P: http://tmz.aol.com/article2?id=20060227163809990004

these two ought to be retro... (Below threshold)

these two ought to be retroactively aborted in order to improve the gene pool.

Guess they took "Keep it si... (Below threshold)

Guess they took "Keep it simple Stupid" quite literally eh?...wonder what the looks on the faces of the cops were..heh.






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