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A little TV trivia

Recently, an odd little fact bubbled up out of my subconscious, and I thought I'd inflict it on you fine folks in the from of a trivia challenge.

What long-running sitcom from the 80's and 90's featured actors playing recurring roles (one four times, another 14 times) who have also, during their careers, portrayed the captain of the Enterprise? For bonus points, name the actors and the roles they played on the sitcom, as well as the series on which they each played the captain.

For a hint, see the extended entry.

Update: utprrthd nailed it. Who said anything about Star Trek?

This sitcom, over its run, won quite a few Emmies -- which, as you all know, is a Major Award.

Comments (18)

I'm going to guess Murphy B... (Below threshold)

I'm going to guess Murphy Brown, mainly because I know Scott Bakula was on that show as well as Enterprise.

Candice Bergen is now sharing a show with William Shatner but I don't know if Bill was ever on Murphy.

So, that's my guess.

Cheers! ... (Below threshold)


It was indeed Murphy Brown,... (Below threshold)

It was indeed Murphy Brown, but I can only think of one episode that Kate Mulgrew appeared in.

I remember Shatner has a re... (Below threshold)

I remember Shatner has a recurring role on 3rd Rock from the Sun as the the alien leader The Big Giant Head-the funniest part was when he and John Lithgow were comparing their experiences when they saw "something on the wing of the plane"-Shatner was in the original Twilight Zone episode with the gremlin, Lithgow did it in the movie

I wasn't able to find any o... (Below threshold)

I wasn't able to find any other Enterprise captains either. Kate Mulgrew was on Voyager and never captained the Enterprise. Scott Bakula played Peter Hunt.

Stephen Collins, who played Captain Decker from ST:The Motion Picture played the lead in 7th Heaven for a very long time...

It couldn't have been Kate ... (Below threshold)

It couldn't have been Kate Mulgrew. She was the captain of a different ship. The only captains of the Enterprise that I'm aware of are:
William Shatner
Patrick Stewart
Scott Bakula

and one more. Who shall remain nameless.

There was also Captain Chri... (Below threshold)

There was also Captain Christopher Pike, played by Jeff Hunter (Jeffrey Hunter?), but he died somewhere around 1969 or 1970, so he wasn't in any sitcom in 80's, 90's sitcom.
(Though there was a Monty Python routine about a film director who has dug up Marilyn Monroe to star in his latest film)

"...and one more. Who shall... (Below threshold)

"...and one more. Who shall remain nameless."
Who? Ronny Cox? He was the most irascible captain of the Enterprise.

Punky Brewster / Captain So... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Punky Brewster / Captain Soliel Moon-Frye

Leonard Nimoy, as Spock, wa... (Below threshold)

Leonard Nimoy, as Spock, was captain of the Enterprise on the original TV show temporarily once or twice, in episodes when Kirk was thought to be dead, and also at the beginning of the movie STII Wrath of Khan.

Don't forget the incompente... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the incompentent Captain Harriman, captain of the Enerprise-B in Generations.

Or Riker, played by Jonathan Frakes, who was captain while Picard was a Borg; and also in a an alternate future timeline.

I'm sure there are a couple slightly more obscure Enterprise captains.

It is Murphy Brown:<p... (Below threshold)

It is Murphy Brown:

Scott Bakula - 14 episodes as Peter Hunt

Darren McGavin - 4 episodes as Bill Brown

McGavin was captain of the Enterprise in Riverboat

According to Wikipedia, the... (Below threshold)

According to Wikipedia, these are the captains of the Enterprise:
Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula)
T'Pol (Jolene Blalock)
Charles "Trip" Tucker III (Connor Trinneer)
Lorian (David Andrews)
Maxwell Forrest (Vaughn Armstrong)

Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter)
James T Kirk (William Shatner)
Willard Decker (Stephen Collins)
Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

John Harriman (Alan Ruck)

Rachel Garrett (Tricia O'Neil)
Richard Castillo (Christopher McDonald)

Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart)
William Riker (Jonathan Frakes)
Edward Jellico (Ronny Cox)

Another trivia challenge:
Who played 11 different characters in Star Trek?

>Who played 11 different ch... (Below threshold)

>Who played 11 different characters in Star Trek?

Do we get to count the holograms in "A Fistful of Datas"?

Vaughn Armstrong played 11 ... (Below threshold)

Vaughn Armstrong played 11 different roles in Star Trek. Ack, I'm ashamed to know that.

Scott Bakula (Capt. Jonatha... (Below threshold)

Scott Bakula (Capt. Jonathan Archer in Enterprise) appeared in Murphy Brown 14 times as Peter Hunt. Given the recent passing of Darin McGavin, your hint "a Major Award" (a quote from A Christmas Story), and his appearance in Murphy Brown 4 times as Bill Brown, I suspect he is your second actor, but I do not recall, nor can I find a reference to any appearance in a Star Trek related series or movie, let alone the role of Enterprise captain. Perhaps he had a role as captain of a non-Star Trek Enterprise.

I see utprrthd beat me to i... (Below threshold)

I see utprrthd beat me to it. I couldn't find the Riverboat name until now.

Vaughn Armstrong has played... (Below threshold)

Vaughn Armstrong has played 13 roles.

See http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Vaughn_Armstrong






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