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Missed it by that much

Like so many folks, I love dumb-criminal stories. But my favorites have to be the ones about crooks who engineer a great plan, only to be tripped up by the most mundane details. The bank robber who runs out of gas. The mugger who picks a karate champion. The dope dealer who misdials a cop.

There's another one of those in this morning's Boston Herald. Apparently one enterprising crook crashed a party in Concord, MA and ripped off over $200 from the hosts and guests. He probably figured he'd never get caught, because he had the perfect alibi.

The only thing he didn't take into account was the recent snowfall, which led police right to him.

At least the cops didn't have to transport him very far...

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Why on earth would a con es... (Below threshold)
Ms. B:

Why on earth would a con escape jail and then GO BACK to it?! I can't imagine that anyone could be so f*cking stupid.

Well, having worked for a m... (Below threshold)

Well, having worked for a minimum security facility before, most of those who are serving time there are only serving 6 to 12 months sentences, and most are out within 6 months or less. The reason is these are petty (or at least small value and/or non-violent) crimes. So, this "genius" decided he could do this, get some quick cash, and not get caught. Guess we know why he was caught the first time, not the brightest bulb in the box.

Jeeze... talk about big bra... (Below threshold)

Jeeze... talk about big brass ones! O_o They're gonna have to put this dude's picture in the dictionary as part of the entry for "chutzpah"!






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