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David Gregory Calls into Imus Apparently Drunk

David Gregory called into Imus in the Morning today from India while traveling with the President. After just a few moments on air, Imus realized David Gregory was drunk.

That's just a *little* embarrassing for such a (snicker) serious White House correspondent.

Audio here and here.

The transcript is below.

Gregory is traveling with the president in India.

IMUS: Let's go to the White House correspondent David Gregory.


IMUS: You can calls us later if you want.

GREGORY: [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]

IMUS: Are you drunk?

GREGORY: [Laughter] [Laughter]

IMUS: Are you all right David?

GREGORY: India is a wonderful language and i've been learning, where's my little sheet here. I've been learning some new phrases to come home. But any way, that being one of them and i just think it's nice.

IMUS: It is.

GREGORY: Thank you.

IMUS: Having a lot of fun there. What's wrong with you?

GREGORY: I just think it's funny. [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]

CHARLES: He's drunk.

IMUS: He is drunk!

CHARLES: Oh god.

IMUS: Why don't you compose yourself and get back to us. You want to?

GREGORY: [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]

IMUS: What are you in some harrem?

IMUS: What? David?

GREGORY: No, i'm fine.

IMUS: We need a camera.

Oh my lord.

IMUS: Somebody's got --

GREGORY: i was -- remember that movie "Arthur" with Dudley Moore where he just thinks funny things and that's what was going on. If i could find this sheet, actually i just found it. Anyway.

IMUS: You have any news? [Laughter]

IMUS: we got to go, we'll get back to you.

GREGORY: I'm sorry.

IMUS: That's all right.

IMUS: Well, call us back will you?

GREGORY: Anyway. There are serious things going on here which i know you're very interested in.

IMUS: We don't have any time for them now. Quickly.

GREGORY: Big deal between India and the United States. The upshot is we're going to provide nuclear know-how and fuel to india which they need for their economy to grow. But since they never signed the nonproliferation treaty it's a real turn around and critics worry that it sends the wrong message to other parts of the world.


GREGORY: I would add, i would add that this is how you say thank you.

IMUS: What is it again?

[Speaking foreign language]

IMUS: Well that's great. But we have to go. It's always nice to hear from you.

GREGORY: I'll call you after dinner.

IMUS: NBC Chief White House Correspondant from New Delhi, India. Clearly drunk.



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Comments (38)

Have some sympathy. Its di... (Below threshold)

Have some sympathy. Its difficult these days for the dieing, main stream, liberal, propagandist media. He was just drowning his pain in a bottle. Actually he probably made more sense when he was cootered than when he was sober! LOL

At least he didn't shoot an... (Below threshold)
Bill Metzger:

At least he didn't shoot anyone in the face, right?

Man is he going to have one... (Below threshold)

Man is he going to have one killer hangover after this one. :-)

The faygola probably had 2 ... (Below threshold)

The faygola probably had 2 beers and was reeling...

<a href="http://www.humanev... (Below threshold)


says NBC spokesperson

also noted that Gregory could whip any man in the radio station, and repeatedly asked if "you were looking at me funny, boy?"

> At least he didn't shoot ... (Below threshold)

> At least he didn't shoot anyone in the face, right?
Posted by: Bill Metzger at March 2, 2006 04:05 PM

Yeah, and Teddy said he'll let him drive the car when he picks up a few native babes.

> At least he didn't shoot ... (Below threshold)

> At least he didn't shoot anyone in the face, right?
Posted by: Bill Metzger at March 2, 2006 04:05 PM

Yeah, and Teddy said he'll let him drive the car when he picks up a few native babes.

With all that giggling goin... (Below threshold)

With all that giggling going on, I suspect bhang more than booze. But what can you expect when you're 8.5 times zones ahead?

"At least he didn't shoot a... (Below threshold)

"At least he didn't shoot anyone in the face, right?"---Bill Metzger

He didn't drive a car off a bridge or leave a stain on a blue dress either. But babbling incoherently on a talk show is not a good idea when you're posing as a big name news correspondent, I'm sure Edward R. Murrow would not approve of Gregory's antics.

Yeah, and Teddy said he'... (Below threshold)
Bill Metzger:

Yeah, and Teddy said he'll let him drive the car when he picks up a few native babes.

Good one!

Mort Sahl called, he wants his routine from 1972 back!

Of course he drinks on the ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Of course he drinks on the job...only way he can wear those pink shirts.

I'm sure Edward R. Murro... (Below threshold)
Bill Metzger:

I'm sure Edward R. Murrow would not approve of Gregory's antics.

You must be a member of the "Psychic Friends" network.

But what can you expect ... (Below threshold)

But what can you expect when you're 8.5 times zones ahead?

Professionalism? ;)

Given the giggles like he h... (Below threshold)

Given the giggles like he had, sounded like he'd gotten some hash on.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

The new UN correspon... (Below threshold)

The new UN correspondent

Honestly, I'm a little conc... (Below threshold)

Honestly, I'm a little concerned about Gregory. The way he was acting during the Cheney/birdshot kerfuffle was far from hinged and now this.

Do you think he's heading f... (Below threshold)

Do you think he's heading for a "What's the frequency, Kenneth?!" kind of moment?

What Gregory doesn't unders... (Below threshold)

What Gregory doesn't understand is that you're supposed to report the story, not become the story. He'll do anything for attention.

David Gregory was NOT drunk... (Below threshold)

David Gregory was NOT drunk! Gregory and Imus have this shtick that they usually do. "Are you drunk, David?" is a very common question from Imus. I cannot understand why this particular tête-à-tête has made the front pages, as it was quite mild as compared to some I have heard. A number of times Imus has accused David Gregory of being the father of Lindy "Abu Ghraib" England's unborn child. Then too - Gregory would always giggle.

That cinches it, then. Any... (Below threshold)

That cinches it, then. Anyone who laughs at something Imus says is definitely on something.

To "kerwaffles":You ... (Below threshold)
Howard Burkhart:

To "kerwaffles":
You sound like Alan "eyebrow" Combs making your lame excuses. He was drunk as a coot.

this is not true, I just wa... (Below threshold)

this is not true, I just watched the video and this "transcript" above doesn't match it. It has been heavily altered. I don't know who whizbang is, but this it the last time I come to this liars web site.

David, quit posting here as... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

David, quit posting here as "anon". You're not fooling anyone.

so, let me get this straigh... (Below threshold)

so, let me get this straight. You fools are reduced to nailing a tv reporter for being drunk. no wonder you hicks put Alfred E. Neuman in the White House.

"Yeah, and Teddy said he'll... (Below threshold)

"Yeah, and Teddy said he'll let him drive the car when he picks up a few native babes."

but we won't let laura bush drive the car, cause then someone might get hurt REAL bad.

maybe we should let one of the twins drive. they'll be sober, riiiight!!

Anyone know if he was drink... (Below threshold)

Anyone know if he was drinking Bushmills or Jameson?

He wasn't drunk.Th... (Below threshold)

He wasn't drunk.

That boy was higher than a kite and more baked than a potato.

Cheney shooting someone in ... (Below threshold)

Cheney shooting someone in the face isn't news according to GOPigs, but this is? LOL. No wonder the majority of America hates the GOPigs. Your "party" failed America. Move over, you're finished.

The phrase, "Stoned like an... (Below threshold)

The phrase, "Stoned like an Iraqi whore" comes to mind....

...and also apparently applies to a significant percentage of the commenters here...

Gregory: "You're so fuckin... (Below threshold)

Gregory: "You're so fucking hot, I'm so into you.

but you have to pay attention to Betsy!"

At least he stayed away fro... (Below threshold)

At least he stayed away from shotguns and peoples faces.

Maybe he was out hunting wi... (Below threshold)
nutty little nut nut:

Maybe he was out hunting with Dick.

Drudge's transcript isn't a... (Below threshold)
Dick Trimble:

Drudge's transcript isn't accurate. There is a better version on wikipedia's entry on David Gregory.

yeah, the majority of Ame... (Below threshold)

yeah, the majority of America hates the GOP; guess that's why the dems no longer have the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the White House. Hey, but nice try Mr. liberal thinker. If it makes you feel good believing in an alternate reality, you go right ahead.

Yeah, maybe the majority of... (Below threshold)

Yeah, maybe the majority of Americans hate the GOP, but as bill's previous post suggested, a greater majority really hate the Dems. Democracy at work: ain't it grand?

Gregory doesn't strike me a... (Below threshold)

Gregory doesn't strike me as a booze hound, more like a druggie from the 70's. Makes me wonder, when the Prez' airplane comes back from these places like Af, Pak, India, etc, do the people on board go through any kind of customs check? Looks like a golden opportunity to smuggle in a Kg or two of top Af week.

"India is a wonderful langu... (Below threshold)

"India is a wonderful language"

He actually said "HINDI is a wonderful language."

Too bad, because "India" would have made a great one-liner.

Poor Sharon typical blind l... (Below threshold)

Poor Sharon typical blind lib moonbat that you are picking on the Bush twins when they aren't even in office. however since you've decided to go down that road again as you jealous angry people are let's not forget that Chelsea Clinton loves to have wild parties and drink till she pukes ,Vanessa Kerry loves to sit on Ben Affleck's lap while Alexandra Kerry wears God awful see-through dresses that make her look worse than a trollop the Bush twins only drink. Also lets not forget that befriending the Clintons is fatal just ask Vince Foster and Ron Brown oops I forgot they're already dead.






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