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A liberal dose of spam

A while ago, I irritated yet another person (funny how that happens) who thought to pay me back by signing me up to a whole host of liberal e-mail lists. This list-bombing was mildly annoying at first, but it had some truly educational value. I have learned a great many things as a result of this idiot's little "gift."

First, the average liberal group has about as much a sense of responsibility about e-mail etiquette as they do about fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, foreign policy, or much of anything. Of the identified groups mailing me so far -- The Democratic National Committee, Friends Of Hillary Clinton, Friends Of John Kerry, or The Nation Magazine -- bother to verify subscriptions. Once an e-mail address finds its way on to thier list, it's considered "golden."

Secondly, the arrogance of these groups is pretty astounding. They all have their little unsubscribe link at the bottom -- Kerry and Hillary use the exact same phrasing. But The Nation pretty much presumes that if I'm on their list, it's MY fault and MY responsiblity to fix it. Their disclaimer, in its entirety:

You shouldn't be on this list if you didn't sign up. If you want to stop receiving this newsletter, replying to this e-mail will not work. To unsubscribe, click here.

Thirdly, they all include some form of begging. "Give us money."

Finally, when you call them to ask about their e-mail practices, they will cheerfully offer to unsubscribe you. In fact, they make it sound like they're doing you a tremendous favor by removing you from their list. Good luck getting them to explain how you got on there in the first place, however.

Now, in all fairness, the folks on the right might be just as obtuse, rude, and clueless. I don't know, because I've never been list-bombed with their services. For all I know, the RNC, National Review, and Friends Of Dubya could be the worst case of spammers since Sanford Wallace and Ronnie Scelson.

But I do know that I've been list-bombed before, and it's a sad day when one can say that the average porno company shows more responsibility (by confirming a subscription request) than the leadership of a major political party.

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Porn has more integrity tha... (Below threshold)

Porn has more integrity than politics? Should I be surprised by this?

Hmmmm.No idea abou... (Below threshold)


No idea about right-wing listbombing but I do know that if you've given money to a Republican in the last few years you'll never stop receiving donation letters from the GOP.

I get a few a week, every week, without fail. I really wish I had a fireplace or a cast-iron stove so I could use all this free tinder.

aw, c'mon, ed, can they rea... (Below threshold)

aw, c'mon, ed, can they really hold a candle to 'charities'? We get so many 'free address labels' from charities we've never heard of, let alone donated to, that we're thinking of redoing the hall wallpaper with them.

This isn't email but...... (Below threshold)

This isn't email but...

Back in the early 90s,I gave money several times to the Heritage Foundation. I received my last phone call asking for money 8 years after I had sent my last donation. That's EIGHT years.

I will never again donate to a national organization, and if I am ever tempted to do so again, I will figure out a way to do so anonymously.

Falze we get so many free a... (Below threshold)
just me:

Falze we get so many free address labels from charities that we don't have to buy them.

I am a registered republican, and while I can't say I get hit up every day for money, the emails from the party usually include some request for donations. I probably get one or two emails a month.

I haven't been solicited for funds or donations from any other right wing groups.

The Christmas card from president Bush thankfully did not ask us for money, something I can't say for the president of the University my husband graduated from (and the University hits us up for money far more often than the GOP).

Nope, to my recollection I'... (Below threshold)

Nope, to my recollection I've never received spam from the National Review, the Weekly Standard or the RNC. But, like JayTea, I too have receieved spam e-mail from my liberal subscriptions--painful and aggravating as it might be, I do read them--like the Nation, Sierra Club and Mother Jones. (I wonder how many libs read conservative rags? Answer: Zero.)

I've also received spam e-mails from Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell about bils their supporting and other political tripe. Not an unusual practice, though.

I'm sure the Republican ema... (Below threshold)
Not Rick13!!!:

I'm sure the Republican emails are from candidates.
I bet the emails Jay gets are from left-wing political action (cough, hack, burp) committee's!

"No idea about right-wing l... (Below threshold)

"No idea about right-wing listbombing but I do know that if you've given money to a Republican in the last few years you'll never stop receiving donation letters from the GOP."

Or repeated phone calls.

I, myself, have never given any money to the GOP, but I know people who do who get at least one call a week asking for more and more money.

I started giving money a fe... (Below threshold)

I started giving money a few election cycles, but when the letters and the requests and the surveys started showing up, I realized that giving more money to a political party was probably only helping the direct mailers and telemarketing firms paid to make the calls and send out the letters.

I give to candidates now when the mood strikes me - or better yet, to charities.

Sorry Jay, I just checked m... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Sorry Jay, I just checked my printout of the NSA "enemies list" and apparently your email address has been linked to a Jaye Tess, a leftwing moonbat in Idaho. I've prepared the proper corrective paperwork and in 30 days to 6 years you should be off the spam list!

Porn subscriptions cost mon... (Below threshold)

Porn subscriptions cost money, hence the protocols

Did you donate any cash when solicited?

No? Then take your free education and
unsubscribe. Dolt.

And with Semanticleo we've ... (Below threshold)

And with Semanticleo we've come full circle. Let us now discuss Media Babes: Amanda Bynes versus Emma Watson or...?

Speaking of SPAMMERs, someo... (Below threshold)

Speaking of SPAMMERs, someone from Fox News is leaving off-topic links to the FN web site on many of the right-leaning blog comments (including my own). He posts as LJ, Luther, Luther Jensen, and "Tom." I figured you'd be hit of all places, but you get too many comments for me to sift through. I've complained to Fox about it, but the more voices, the better.

Bothered by spam from The N... (Below threshold)

Bothered by spam from The Nation? Visit the website and sign up for The Nation's offer of four FREE snail-mail issues of that miserable mag. Of course, quit before you really have to pay for it. If enough folks do so, it would be a neutron bomb on The Nation. Not that I would ever suggest such a tactic be employed.

But if enough people sign up or the free trial offer, the misbegotten magazine would be on the ash heap of history within 3 weeks,

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