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Holland to Allow Infant Euthanasia

I have no idea how horrific it must be to watch a terminally ill child suffer in pain, but killing that child is not an act of love. It's evil. It can also lead to even more horrific abuses of killing babies and children who are not just terminally ill, but simply inconvenient to society. Holland, which has had adult euthanasia for a while, now allows baby euthanasia:

"It is in some ways beautiful," said Verhagen, describing the moment when severely pain-racked children relax for the first time since birth. "But it is also extremely emotional and very difficult," he added.

"No doctor likes to do this. You will always ask yourself, 'Is there something I have not thought of?' That is why it needs to be done under a spotlight: you can never, ever be wrong."

His approach has enraged a vociferous pro-life movement, particularly in America where it has been compared to a campaign by the Nazis to dispose of handicapped infants in the interest of building a master race. Dutch doctors, wrote one commentator in the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, were engaging in "the kind of activities that got some German doctors hanged after Nuremberg".

In liberal Holland, criticism is more muted. But Bert Dorenbos, chairman of the Cry for Life organisation, called tolerance of child euthanasia "very scary".

This is evil disguised as compassion.

Hat tip: RealClearPolitics.


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Comments (6)

Hmmm.How is this n... (Below threshold)


How is this news? Doctors in Holland have been freely euthanizing infants for years now. They did a survey and found doctors that had euthanized infants and children even without the permission or even knowledge of the parents!

They're euthanizing people with chronic depression or other ailments. If you think you're better off dead, the doctor's going to agree with you and give you the pills to do the deed.

And yet all of this was known a year ago when the Terri Schiavo issue came up.

For a second I thought the ... (Below threshold)

For a second I thought the headline was instant euthanasia in Hollywood. [watch the Oscars]

"It can also lead to even m... (Below threshold)

"It can also lead to even more horrific abuses of killing babies and children who are not just terminally ill, but simply inconvenient to society."

We already do that, to the tune of millions.

But, but...it's for the chi... (Below threshold)

But, but...it's for the children!

Remember, everybody: Europe... (Below threshold)

Remember, everybody: Europe is what the libs want America to be.

Save Tookie.

Kill retarded babies.

how can you guys agree with... (Below threshold)

how can you guys agree with this?!?! the mass murder of innocent babies who can't even defend themselves muchless stand up for themselves???? it's just like abortion: simply murder.






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