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Oscar Live Blogging


Over at Wizbang Pop! it's Oscar night, which means Oscar live blogging. Here's a taste of the commentary that E.M. is serving up...

And by the way, Hollywood does not want you to spend a ton of money on a home theater--you want to see movies in a theater. You want to see movies in a theater. You want to see movies in a theater. You will obey Hollywood. You will give us money.

Its actually almost sad at this point.

9:49--When did Salma Hayek start talking like the Swedish Chef? Her boobs are taking over her brain! And the stage, and her dress! They're escaping! Someone call Bruce Willis!

There's full red carpet and show coverage with all the snark you've expect from Pop! Don't miss it!

If you're getting a DNS error you can access the site via this link.

Comments (4)

Hmmm.Sorry but I'm... (Below threshold)


Sorry but I'm too hetero to watch the Oscars.

Well unless Scarlet Johansson get's groped again. Then I'm in.

The last Oscar I watched wa... (Below threshold)

The last Oscar I watched was a Grouch.

Yeah, I guess they don't ge... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I guess they don't get the whole "subliminal" part. Nothing like a bunch of hollywood snobs trying to tell me that my home theater system isn't good enough for their movies.

Maybe if they could eliminate the commercials before movies and stop chargin $15 for a bag of popcorn, more people would go. But then, I have a 6 year old at home and no real need to hire a babysitter every weekend, so m 52" widescreen and Denon AV Receiver will have to do the trick.


Hmmmm.so ... (Below threshold)


so m 52" widescreen and Denon AV Receiver will have to do the trick.

Absolutely agreed. I've got a 52" HDTV with 5.1 surround sound. Frankly I don't bother going to movie theaters anymore because the experience actually sucks more than staying home. That and the fact that most recent movies just really plainly suck.






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