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Barbara Streisand Can't Spell

In the midst of a predictable episode of Bush Derangement Syndrome, Barbra Streisand castigates President Bush as "this C student," all the while littering spelling and grammar errors throughout her February 28, 2006 screed. For example,

This President, 'jokingly' stated "If this were a dictatoriship it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." Over the last 5 years, Bush's leadership has resembled that of a dictatorship. The arrogance of this C student who maligns his opponents' crediblity by calling them flip floppers, is the biggest flip flopper himself! When debating Al Gore during the 2000 presidential elections, Bush spoke against nation building, yet went into Irag a year later to national build...which we now see has resulted in disaster.
Spelling errors are bolded and grammar errors are italicized.

For now you can read the whole error-ridden piece at BabsOnline. Assuming the text is eventually fixed you can see the highlighted errors in a PDF version or a Word version.

Via Drudge

Note: See wickedpinto's comment about the difference between Babs statement and a blog post. I make spelling errors all the time, and admit to being reliant on my spell checker. I am, however, smart enough to use a spell checker and correct my errors when they are pointed out.

Yes I know the name in the headline is not how Babs, spells it... It was supposed to be ironic, but it IS her given name - Barbara Joan Streisand....


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Comments (28)

I don't mind spelling error... (Below threshold)

I don't mind spelling errors, or grammatical errors, but this is a designed post, and she has assistants who were likely double checking. That proves that she herself is a complete retard, but incapable at management. (note: I have no problem with linguistic errors, because I myself don't prewrite my posts, then compare, I'm purely an off the cuff guy. You can't tell me babs does that)

Apparently we went into Ira... (Below threshold)

Apparently we went into Irag/Iraq in 2001. Is this news to anyone else?

Also, you missed another error (it's an error of diction; I guess that falls under grammar). In the last sentence you quoted, what is "national build"?

I'm just jumping on the grammar police bandwagon with that second point, normally I don't care as long as I can figure out what you meant. But saying we went into Iraq in 2001 is just plain false, and the reality of the situation waters down her argument, so I feel like that's worth pointing out.

My only complaint about thi... (Below threshold)

My only complaint about this, and hopefully not one perceived as a defense of the Babbling One...but who really gives a steaming pile what she thinks? I mean, really, why waste more electrons on someone as completly useless and insignificant as Babs?

What has she done lately? Last two times I can remember her even being mentioned as an entertainer was one episode of South Park that had her a baby eating monster and skits by Mike Meyers mocking her sterotypical "Jewish mother" fanbase...

Once again, as with the Kil... (Below threshold)
Bill Metzger:

Once again, as with the Killian Memos, the right attacks! No, not the substance of of Ms. Streisand's posting, mind you - merely the appearance of said posting. Again, shades of Killian.

Grow a set and address the points she raised in her missive.

Perhaps its just Alzheimer'... (Below threshold)

Perhaps its just Alzheimer's or Mad Cow Diesase...

Uh, didn't Ms. Striesand se... (Below threshold)

Uh, didn't Ms. Striesand see the Boston Globe article (after the election of course) that showed Kerry's grades were worse than Bush's grades in college?

Once again, as with the ... (Below threshold)

Once again, as with the Killian Memos, the right attacks! No, not the substance of of Ms. Streisand's posting, mind you - merely the appearance of said posting. Again, shades of Killian.

Um, the appearance of the Killian memos was relevant because it proved them to be modern forgeries. Duh.

Grow a set and address t... (Below threshold)

Grow a set and address the points she raised in her missive.

The points made about her spelling, her inability to use language, and her outright failure to express herself is PRECISELY PERTINENT to your statement "Grow a set and address the points she raised in her missive." All that can be read from her inarticulate, retarded, half thought, if there is a thought present, statement is that she thinks everyone should hier a babs to world translator, and she's the only one who has that priveledge.

Words, and language mean something. I am not perfect, I am VERY flawed in this way, but MY flaws PROVE hers, and I'm a less than 30K a year earner, and she's a massive millionaire thanks to the jewish conspiracy.

(the jewish conspiracy thing was a joke)

But Bill... she didn't say ... (Below threshold)

But Bill... she didn't say anything.

Oh, sure, she made some statements... Bush acting like a dictator... but didn't support that statement, did she? I didn't go look at the rest, maybe she did.

I don't know what these people smoke, but I think they should go live in a dictatorship for a while before they start claiming they live in one now.

Granted, a dictatorship is a fabulous place for a sycophant and most of the worst places in the world get praise from people like Babs. So perhaps living in one would have no educational value for her at all.

Great grammer!"The... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

Great grammer!

"The arrogance of [Bush] . . . is the biggest flip flopper (sic) himself!

Hmm, so his arrogance flip-flops? I didn't know that.

I was going to mark that wh... (Below threshold)

I was going to mark that whole sentence as a grammar error because it is so poorly written. Since Word's grammar checker didn't flag it I only highlighted "student" which should be followed by a comma.

I just read her entire piec... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:

I just read her entire piece (of steaming crap).

She really doesn't have a clue about much of anything, does she? It's difficult to find a single sentence that isn't false or misleading. In my most charitable mood, I would say she's ignorant and misguided. More realistically, she's insane and dishonest.

And ugly. Yech!

Holyweird's Royal Highness ... (Below threshold)
Red Fog:

Holyweird's Royal Highness has forebayed photos of her coastline and now she digresses from the throne to blog-command political order with second-grader eloquence ... but I hated her more as Robert Redford's fluffer a million years ago. Babs Blows.

In the midst of a predictab... (Below threshold)

In the midst of a predictable episode of Bush Performance Anxiety Syndrome Kevin Aylward, et al continue to castigate Anyone But Bush....snitching and hypocrisy OK. SpellChecker decrees it!

She even spells Barbara fun... (Below threshold)

She even spells Barbara funny, as Barbra instead.

Perhaps Babs reveals her bi... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Babs reveals her bigotry in the use of "Irag" (Iraq + Rag-head).

Why does she think that any... (Below threshold)

Why does she think that anyone cares what she thinks?

epador: "Perhaps its just A... (Below threshold)

epador: "Perhaps its just Alzheimer's or Mad Cow Diesase..."

Personally I think it's the AVIAN FLU....she just a birdbrain!

Oooops, Kevin. I just notic... (Below threshold)

Oooops, Kevin. I just noticed something. You have her name as Barbara.

She can't even spell her own name....which is, according to HER:


Sorry bryand, we can't all ... (Below threshold)

Sorry bryand, we can't all blame everything on the jooos.

Oh come now. Unless we kn... (Below threshold)

Oh come now. Unless we know she had the spelling changed, that's the fault of her parents. No one is responsible for their given name.

She's got her good points... she can sing. And she didn't get a nose job. I admire that.

It should be a warning to all artists, though, that being publically irrational can lose you your audience. I couldn't watch her if I wanted to, or bring myself to buy anything she produces.

It is patently obvious that... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

It is patently obvious that the woman can't think. Why on earth is anyone surprised that she can't spell or construct sentences with modest success?

Since adolescence, virtually everything that come out of her mouth has been at the direction of others. Song lyrics, movie script dialogue. Her fame, her fortune, her entire repute and public personna are all the result of a very substantial talent... for fantasy. That the real world should startle, confuse, and ultimately confound her is hardly surprising.

I understand the desperate ... (Below threshold)

I understand the desperate need to find something to hold against another person you obviously feel. However much it might pain you that said entertainer, Ms. Streisand, reserves her right to voice her opinion as a fellow citizen you are the one how made the mistake(s).

If you view her website where the statement originates from you will find none of these spelling or grammar mistakes. The very nature of these mis-spellings is odd and likely due to you simply adding letters in wrong places to give the appearance of mistakes.

Furthermore, you mis-spelled the woman's name.

AND, the current president was indeed a "C" average student for most of his educational career and was exepted to Yale on account of his father being a skull and bones alumni.

I do appologize for my own ... (Below threshold)

I do appologize for my own spelling mistakes, fellow bloggers ... I just finished a 14 hour shift and though my thoughts are clear the spelling does elude me a bit, again, sorry about that.

keepitreal:You mig... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:


You might want to GET real for a second, and re-read Babs' webiste. All the spelling and grammar mistakes are there.

"All your spell checkers ar... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

"All your spell checkers are belong to us."

Keepitreal,Ms. Str... (Below threshold)
Bat One:


Ms. Streisand, as you so illustriously refer to her, is certainly entitled to whatever thoughts and opinions she is capable of holding. But what she and her leftist Hollywood cohorts fail to comprehend is that none of them, however legendary they may be within the realm of their own insular community, is entitled to an audience, and none of them is entitled to have those thoughts and opinions taken seriously by the rest of us.

On the other hand, there is something else for which all we can all thank Ms. Streisand. For however unwittingly, her grammatically-challenged linguistic ability has certainly highlighted the need for wholesale, market-based reforms in the field of public education. Streisand had the talent and determination to find another, non-academic, area of endeavor and pursue it to extraordinary levels of success. But her achievements, despite her obviously flawed academic background, is no reason for today's children to be mired in the festering swamp that is our public education system. Bring on the vouchers!

Me cant beweeve all peepole... (Below threshold)

Me cant beweeve all peepole think me cant rite zzzzzz me smarder thans Bush the TIERENT. sinfully Babs the big schnozz






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