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Building Traffic & Generating Buzz

If you're in DC this week, have a little cash to spare, and looking for something to do, come to IPDI's Politics Online Conference 2006 at George Washington University, March 7-8.

If you come you'll be able to catch my scintillating Wednesday breakout session: Building Traffic & Generating Buzz

Why do some websites and blogs seem to go from zero to sixty overnight, while others languish? How do the hot sites get the links that generate the buzz that pulls in the big audiences - and the advertisers. Successful PR execs, Website publishers and "Influentials" experts share their secrets for reaching the right people and making websites and blogs take off.

Kevin Aylward (Moderator) - Publisher, Wizbang
Scott Delea - Digital Grit
Justin Greeves - Vice President, Roper ASW/NOP World
John Hlinko - Grassroots Enterprise
Hope to see you there...

Comments (6)

You'll have to tell us how ... (Below threshold)

You'll have to tell us how it went!

And maybe give a summary for us new blog hostesses. ;-)

Not that, um, I'm actually interested in the "big time" or anything but the feeling of typing to an empty room is sort of spooky.

The most amazing example I ... (Below threshold)

The most amazing example I know of of a blog exploding into prominence was when a certain Daniel Z. created a blog the posts of which were bizarre, extremist views on controversial issues, accented with pics of a hot, large-breasted girl who was alleged to be writing the blog... a girl wearing a shirt with the name of a certain famous preppie clothing company on it. He sat around hitting the "republish" button all day long, putting the blog constantly on the top of Blogger's recently-published list, posted inflammatory comments on the biggest blogs, did something or other to game some of the ranking systems, and BOOM, he had a top blog.

(I wish metaphysics was more popular in the blogosphere)

wm dwanl wl wm ch d a m... (Below threshold)

wm dwanl wl wm ch d a m

Four words: Paris Hilton Po... (Below threshold)

Four words: Paris Hilton Porn Video. That was cool Kev. More than a few, in either the left or right blogospheres, take themselves a little too seriously (too often). Your hosting the vid worked on a number of levels, and I always thought it brilliant. On any given day, I wouldn't mind a few more footprints, but playing to any empty house has its own charm.

That's funny. I'm going to ... (Below threshold)

That's funny. I'm going to be at GWU for something else entirely the 9th-12th.

I have to admit, the headli... (Below threshold)

I have to admit, the headline of the page doesn't make me want to cough up $500
Ex-Wonkette Ana Marie Cox Interviews Veteran Political Reporter Jack Germond...

I don't think there's anything Wonkette might do that I would pay $500 to see .
Anything. Much less show me her unlimitless interview skill.






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