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Never write when you can speak, never speak when you can nod, never nod when you can wink

A nurse's aide in Massachusetts has learned the most important rule about making anonymous tips to authorities: keep it anonymous.

Miranda Jorge discovered that one of her male colleagues had raped a 91-year-old male patient in her nursing home. She notified her superiors, who decided to ignore state law and not report it to the state health department. Miranda made an anonymous call to officials, who investigated and are recommending a $3,500 per day fine against the nursing home until they take steps to keep it from recurring.

But when officials found out Miranda had been the tipster (she mentioned it to a couple of colleagues), they apparently figured they could recoup some of those losses by firing her.

Miranda is looking at the state whistle-blower's law for protection.

Now, obviously Miranda did the right thing, and should not have been punished for her actions. But there's an old saying that three can keep a secret -- as long as two are dead. She should have known better and not told ANYONE she made that phone call. Let the nursing home go on a witch-hunt if they wish; it'll only hurt them more when word gets out.

Here's hoping the operators of St. Joseph's Manor in Brockton, MA end up paying some very, VERY hefty fines over this.

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Of course, she was fired! T... (Below threshold)

Of course, she was fired! This was a flagrant violation of the nice young man's rights that are specifically protected by the Massachusetts Rapist, Carjacker, and Home Invader Bill of Rights.

Jay,Did you really... (Below threshold)
Starboard Attitude:


Did you really mean to say, "But when OFFICIALS found out . . . THEY apparently figured they could recoup...?"

You're talking about the nursing home people, not the government, right?

Er, one might presume from ... (Below threshold)

Er, one might presume from the bare facts that without her as a witness, there would have been no case to pursue, and so she had to agree to come forward if she wanted to see justice done.

This "I don't wanna get involved" crap turns a hero into a coward.






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