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Now if she were a lesbian, she'd be perfect

In Massachusetts, a young law student is collecting signatures to run for the state Senate. Samiyah Diaz, 28, has nearly all her progressive credentials in order: she's a daughter of immigrants, part black and part Hispanic, a single mother, and a Muslim.

The only problem is she's also a Republican.

Diaz is running against firmly-entrenched Senator Dianne Wilkerson, a liberal Democrat (even by Massachusetts' standards) and is making Wilkerson's brushes with the law over money a major issue. Wilkerson has run afoul of the tax laws on numerous occasions, including a conviction for failing to file that left her under house arrest for a significant portion of one of her terms of office.

Wilkerson is pretty much guaranteed re-election yet again (her district is so liberal, they almost qualify as legally insane), but it should be tremendously entertaining to watch the state Democrats squirm under Diaz' challenge.

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It won't take long for the ... (Below threshold)

It won't take long for the left-wing homophobic homosexuals to "out" her, which then may make her electable.

She is a looker too....but ... (Below threshold)

She is a looker too....but not much of a muslim to be sure....nary a hijab in sight!! Orthodox Islam would have a fit with her.....my guess is she is very very liberal in her islam (which is a good thing)....

Interesting. Anyone who wan... (Below threshold)

Interesting. Anyone who wants to help her out, her campaign website is: http://www.samiyah4senate.com/.

If the Boston GOP could get a good anti-corruption campaign going against Wilkerson and St. Fleur (the other tax-cheat from Dorchester), they might have something. No guarantees, though. I think the voters in that area think that getting cheated by a neighbor is more important than having a good representative.

Perhaps in Massachusetts it... (Below threshold)

Perhaps in Massachusetts it is considered bad form to expect minority group politicians to be law abiding. Or is that just a Democrat thing?

but not much of a muslim... (Below threshold)

but not much of a muslim to be sure....nary a hijab in sight!! Orthodox Islam would have a fit with her

So, what is the over/under on how long it takes Muslim Unity to issue a fatwa or threaten (or say they ought to be) her or anyone who supports her with some of his peace and understanding (which, oddly enough, means violence and explosions)?
it is 12:51 EPT now, so I give him until 3 pm.

... it should be tremend... (Below threshold)

... it should be tremendously entertaining to watch the state Democrats squirm under Diaz' challenge.

What squirming? They'll brand her a "Tom" and leave it at that. QED.

A Muslim Republican?? Does... (Below threshold)
Ms. B:

A Muslim Republican?? Does... not... compute...

Dear Jay and friends, ... (Below threshold)

Dear Jay and friends,

Please refrain from calling such people Muslims. What do you mean orthodox Muslims? Are you trying to say Muslim Women who follow Hijab are orthodox? It is a part of our culture to dress decently. If you don't dress decently how can you call yourself a true Muslim? I respect your Women and the way they dress but not call Samiyah Diaz a Muslim because it is evident she isn't. It seems as if she has been planted by a few Western powers to try and mis-guide true Muslims.

it is 12:51 EPT now, so ... (Below threshold)

it is 12:51 EPT now, so I give him until 3 pm.

You're off by 33 minutes, Mr. Wuzzy. Too bad you didn't say 3:30.

Mr. Unity,Are you ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Unity,

Are you the sole judge of who is Muslim and who is not?

Ah, but Muse, he also didn'... (Below threshold)

Ah, but Muse, he also didn't issue a fatwah or threaten to maim or bomb (or suggest that is the right course).

"She decided to join the Re... (Below threshold)

"She decided to join the Republicans because, she said, ''they believe that anyone can come from anything and become something. The platform of the party believes in individual rights and responsibilities, and that's something I believe in.""

Why not a Muslim Republican?

As for her mode of dress. the couple of pictures available show her in modest clothing. (Sure, one was a winter coat, but there you go.)

To those who call themselve... (Below threshold)

To those who call themselves Muslim and dare to judge another Muslim on the basis of whether or not she is wearing hijab; may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala extend a degree of mercy upon you higher than that which you have expressed in your comments; and as you stumble through this dunya and wrestle with your own imperfections. Allahu Alim.






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