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Sawyer Eyes ABC Anchor Spot, Fears Couric Move


From [Shameless cross-promotion] Wizbang Pop!, comes this pointer to a story from AOL's TMZ.

(Mar. 6, 12:35PM ET) -- TMZ has learned that Diane Sawyer told friends and ABC colleagues last week that she wants to anchor 'World News Tonight,' and STAT.

Sources connected with ABC say Sawyer is convinced that Katie Couric is jumping ship to anchor 'The CBS Evening News,' and that she wants the seat at the ABC anchor desk before Couric starts.

Sources say there were numerous high-level meetings at ABC in New York this past Thursday and Friday, and that the Executive Producer for 'Good Morning America' was called in for some of them. The sources say that Charles Gibson, Sawyer's GMA co-anchor, was extremely unhappy last week that Sawyer wants to succeed Peter Jennings. It is unclear if Gibson is upset because he would lose his co-anchor or if he feels passed over for the evening anchor job. What is clear is that Gibson is unhappy.

We're told Elizabeth Vargas, who is currently anchoring the broadcast as her co-anchor Bob Woodruff recovers from a serious injury in Iraq, has gotten wind of Sawyer's intentions and has been asking "lots of questions."

One source connected with the network called Sawyer "obsessed" with getting the anchor job. The source adds that Sawyer feels that if Couric makes the move to CBS first, then Sawyer's place in broadcast history will be diminished.

My bet is that with Woodruff injured and Vargas pregnant, Sawyer wants to take the reigns solo for a good year or so, then let the chips fall where they may.


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Comments (6)

Does anyone really care whi... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Does anyone really care which chattering bimbo feeds us the daily pap our "betters" in the media still think we'll unswervingly believe?

Amen, Captain Ned! I canno... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

Amen, Captain Ned! I cannot imagine trying to sustain an intelligent conversation with anyone who'd concern themself with the career paths of either of these two, or their respective internecine cat fights to get to the top.

MAN! Are we treading water ... (Below threshold)

MAN! Are we treading water here or WHAT! Long-in-the-tooth Skank with Makeover No.1 vs. Long-in-the-tooth Skank with Makeover No.2---Kal-Kan vs. Alpo!----Answer:Leave 'em in the kennels they're already in!---3 WORDS: Emma Watson, Newsreader!! Yep, Emma Watson, actress and the finest exemplar I know of that snooty, southern England suburban dialect that, when spoken by the Queen makes this listener want to puke, but somehow is Just Right when it comes from Emma's lips! PLUS she's intelligent and Just busting out with girlish hips still! (Ergo Dump the Desk!) IN CONCLUSION: GORGONS GO HOME!!!

Katie gets $16 million a y... (Below threshold)

Katie gets $16 million a year. No way she takes a pay cut

It's a race to find out whi... (Below threshold)

It's a race to find out which one of them Nobody will be watching!

YEEHAW...CATFIGHT!Pu... (Below threshold)

Pull up the lawnchairs and crack a beer, this will be a good show. It is just too bad that after suffering the galactic egos of Rather and Jennings, the viewers now get the female equivalent. If the MSM had a dime's worth of sense, they would hire a conservative...that, as Fox has demonstrated, is where viewer growth is.






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