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Air America Isn't Doing So Well

The NY Post is reporting that Air America is about to lose its New York flagship station:

AIR America is close to losing its New York flagship station - knocking Al Franken and his liberal colleagues off the air on their second anniversary.

The network has a two-year lease with WLIB (AM 1190) that is reportedly set to expire April 1 - and at least one reliable report says it is "extremely likely" the deal will not be renewed.

Losing its New York outlet would be a serious blow to the fledgling liberal radio network. "Radio Equalizer" blogger Brian Maloney - who blew the whistle on questionable loans to the lefty network last year - published the first report that WLIB was on the verge of evicting Air America some time soon.

At the heart of their problems: dismal ratings. There simply aren't enough people willing to listen to Al Franken's and Janeane Garafolo's rants to keep Air America afloat, in spite of their desperate infusions of cash.

Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer has Air America's response to the reports of its demise:

In response to MALONEY's report, AIR AMERICA RADIO spokeswoman JAIME HOOD told ALL ACCESS that "it is business as usual at AIR AMERICA RADIO, we will not, nor have we ever discussed, our confidential negotiations with third party companies, investors, or others in a public forum. We have no plans of leaving the NEW YORK CITY airwaves and plan to be on in NEW YORK for many years to come."

Wow, what a non-response response.

Michelle Malkin has been following the problems that have been dogging Air America for a while.

Others that are blogging on Air America's woes: Stuck on Stupid, Newsbusters, Iowa Voice.


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Comments (23)

"it is business as usual at... (Below threshold)

"it is business as usual at AIR AMERICA RADIO"

So it's probable that she is lying! George just needs to keep it going long enough to fund Stewart's campaign.

I wouldn't say she is lying... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't say she is lying. Just that she didn't answer the question of whether AAR and WLIB will stick together.
IME, this kind of answer means: proabaly not.

you guys are desperate and ... (Below threshold)

you guys are desperate and wrong over and over about air america.

dont you get embarassed being such righht wing out of the mainstream nutjobs that you cannot stand mainstream america.

why dont you move to iran where your beliefs are more in tune with the populous.

im sure osama has a condo for you while you chuckle about selling him our ports.

good luck showing your face in public after this year's elections.

Isn't it the left that clai... (Below threshold)

Isn't it the left that claims to be reasonable and educated? If so, where are they?
And why do they let the kids use the computers during nap time these days...

you guys are desperate a... (Below threshold)

you guys are desperate and wrong over and over about air america.

dont you get embarassed being such righht wing out of the mainstream nutjobs that you cannot stand mainstream america.

Uh, no.

Air Amerika is mainstream? Guess that's why so many people listen to it -- or not.

If I were a lefty; I'd be embarassed by Air Amerika. It's a joke.

I'll be proudly showing my face in public after mainstream America let's the Dem's know what they think of their crazy, death-spiral swing farther and farther out of the mainstream.

I predict that Err America ... (Below threshold)

I predict that Err America will disintegrate and at least some of the on-air performers (Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy) will find local niche markets to fill.

It's not that there's no audience for liberal talk radio, there is one, but it's not as big as they think.

Come on "billy"! AAR is a ... (Below threshold)

Come on "billy"! AAR is a bad joke put on by the far left. They are so out of touch with the "mainstream" that most democrats wont listen to them.

By the way, where is that "legislative manifesto" the democrats keep talking about releasing? Republican's don't have to issue anything of the sort, because our ideas are what America is and always has been about. We (Reagan Republicans) are the mainstream!

yes sure rick13lik... (Below threshold)

yes sure rick13

like social security, medicare, winning wwii, keeping ports safe from terrorist owners.

you are for everything america hates. you have no agenda but to try to kill the society liberals created and you will fail miserably just like your cult leader is.

if you were in the mainstream 2/3 of the country wouldnt object to every sell out you confuse for an idea.

billy, why aren't you listi... (Below threshold)

billy, why aren't you listing to AAR? It's OK, I know why... it sucks! I can't wait to hear what you have to say this November, when America once again rejects your liberal ideology! AAR will be gone then. I bet you'll blame it on some "vast Right-wing conspiracy!

Rick: glad you asked about ... (Below threshold)

Rick: glad you asked about their agenda! Screamin' Dean is apparently unveiling it! In contrast to Newt's 10-item contract, Dean's boiled it down to a hard 6:

1. 'honesty and openness in government', sounds good to me, first I'd like to see someone prove a single dishonesty from the current administration, but I'm nitpicking, and as for openness, why I don't know how much more open you can get than telling people we want to spy on that we're spying on them.

2. 'strong national defense "which depends on telling the truth to our citizens, our soldiers and our allies before we send troops abroad"'...sounds like 'we'll warn everybody that we're coming, when, where, and how.' to me.

3. 'use our energy independence (he doesn't say how this would be achieved, he just assumes it'll happen if the Democrats win) into jobs for Americans so we can stop outsourcing' (I can only think he believes all outsourcing is related to energy businesses?? not sure about this one)

4. 'socialized health care' - hey, who's not up for that?! well, except the Canadians...Brits...disabled children...

5. 'a public education system that will restore 'opportunity' and 'optimism' to America' - not sure how that one'll work considering our geography teachers think they're civics professors...

and, finally, 6. "we want retirement security so we can count on Social Security and stop the corporations of this country from raiding pension funds", which I can only assume means BIG BUSINESS is to blame for the problems with social security - seriously, I cannot even begin to grasp where he's going with this one.

"I cannot even begin to gra... (Below threshold)

"I cannot even begin to grasp where he's going with this one."

It's because he (Dean) is spiraling downward as usual! Lot's of good points!

hey only in a republican fa... (Below threshold)

hey only in a republican fantasyworld can you openly admit you are an uneducated moron who has no clue what the majority of the country has for an agenda (Rick13) or be like falze who knows the agenda but makes a fool of himself by making absurd statements that arent funny or persuading anyone.

thanks for explaining why the out of the mainstream gop is considered to be filled with nutcases and fools. you guys make a good big tent. the brainless and the loony.

luckily you will be trounced before you do too much damage.

got to go listen to aar. they were supposed to go bankrupt last year according to you fools (including the one cited as a good source in this article), but lo and behold, they are still on the radio and GROWING, unlike Limbaughs heoin addicxted, child molestor following which is shrinking.

Brian Maloney (and those du... (Below threshold)

Brian Maloney (and those dumb enough to believe him) is just too lazy to do their own research or stuck on Rush's vitamins:

NEW YORK - January 13, 2006 - Air America Radio announced today that its flagship station, WLIB 1190 AM made impressive gains according to
the Arbitron Fall 2005 Survey. WLIB successfully increased its P12+ AQH Sum-Fall by 23 percent (27,800 to 34,300). The announcement was made by Vice President/GeneralManager of WLIB 1190 AM Scott Elberg.

Oooh wait, that doesent sound good...
-Nor does:

"Randi Rhodes, host of The Randi Rhodes Show,beat WABC Sean Hannity in New York with a 3.3 share... "


billy, are you a speech wri... (Below threshold)

billy, are you a speech writer for Howard Dean?

Rx: a big dose of reality three times a day until the left-wing ranting stops!

You don't need government supplied health care for that Rx either!

Rick13, you are a Reagan re... (Below threshold)

Rick13, you are a Reagan republican, which means you dont have a political party anymore, since the GOP is not conservative in any way shape or form.

there is a good bit of denial on this board. about republicans, aar's demise (NOT), aar's bad ratings (NOT), about the direction of the country moving away from you, about demographic problems the gop will be having with minorities becoming the majority, and about the momentum in this country right now, but hey thats ok.

if you believe the GOP is so solid, just stay home on election day. everything will be fine.

if you dont know the democrat's agenda you sure will when we ram it down your throats after we take over.

good day.

You assume that minorities ... (Below threshold)

You assume that minorities will always vote democrat. That is changing. Minorities are waking up to the fact that the democrats have used and neglected them for too long now. Your angry rants ("ram it down your throats") only show how desperate you truly are!

The denial is all on your side. You don't even know what the democrat's agenda will say, but you're already pushing it. The left lost its momentum in 2000. That is why you have lost two consecutive national elections (insert rant about the GOP stealing it here).

I never stay home on Election Day! It's my God given right to vote, and I always exercise it!

I've got a dollar (that reads "In God We Trust" on it) that says we win in November!

You up for it?

if you dont know the dem... (Below threshold)

if you dont know the democrat's agenda you sure will when we ram it down your throats after we take over.

billy, are you old enough to have voted before or have memory of any of the past several elections?

That exact opposite has happened and will continue to if you are any representation of your party.

The only reason Air Scamerica is still on the air is because of huge influxes of outside cash. They are losing money hand over fist.

They've gone from stealing from charities to becoming one.

A good quote i heard is "th... (Below threshold)

A good quote i heard is "the gop can point to the past, but they cant account for the present"

yes you are right the GOP HAD momentum in the last 2 elections. But that is the past. its over now. the tide has turned. they didnt deliver. they didnt balance the budget, stop 9-11, make us safer, make jobs, etc and everyone knows it except for a few posters here.

they failed, got indicted, leaked secrets, and tried to secretly sell the ports to terrorists, but Hillary will stop them.

i would bet you on that but you will have to talk to bill bennet and the kulture of korrution first. they can handle your gambling issues and also maybe bennet can tell you the strategy for the gop to attract more than 1 in 10 minorities.

it is probably, they think, by appointing a black uncle tom who cant get votes from his own people. yeah. that will work, but quite in the oppositte way than you think.
minorities arent stupid. they arent voting for someone who looks like them. they are voting for someone who is on their side.

that is why black republicans NEVER get elected, only appointed.

I never said minorities wer... (Below threshold)

I never said minorities were "stupid".

You should count the number of grammatical errors in your post! Are you the one that posted Striesand's last letter of truth?

I thought you were leaving, you said "Good day".

I am leaving, So, talk to you tomorrow!

How are You going to trounc... (Below threshold)

How are You going to trounce us Billy ?? by boring us to death with your insane rhetoric.. grow up so we can move forward in this country...

I love you "billy."E... (Below threshold)

I love you "billy."
Every time you or your friends speak up in a public forum, conservatives pick up another 200 votes.
Oh please, tell us more.

'trying to be funny'? No, ... (Below threshold)

'trying to be funny'? No, I seriously can't figure out what the hell he means about most of those.

Brian Maloney has been pred... (Below threshold)
Dick Tuck:

Brian Maloney has been predicting Air America's imminent demise for the past two years. Isn't insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results?






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