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Palestinian Kids Encouraged to be Suicide Bombers

We have seen the photos of Muslim children dressed as suicide bombers and carrying play guns.

Now, Stand With Us has video from Palestinian television that teaches children to aspire to Shahada - to become suicide bombers for Allah.

This video documents the brainwashing that takes place in terrorist regimes. With Hamas now at the helm of the PA, the brainwashing will be ratcheted up.

Hat tip: The Corner


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Comments (17)

7. CHILDRENS letter writing... (Below threshold)

7. CHILDRENS letter writing campaign We are told that the president will read letters from children. You must do this right away, snail mail... pay a little extra, and send it overnight. Your childs handwriting. Fast. Short and sweet: Talk to your children, and have them write in their own words, making the following points: Please let Israel defend herself against the terrorism. Please let Israel finish collecting the weapons, and rooting out the terrorist cells. Israel has a right to defend herself.

Kimthis thing has ... (Below threshold)


this thing has been going on for years. I remember well when it the PA was running a kids' show very similar to Sesame Street except it taught them to sing songs praising "martyrs" and how they, too, wanted to be "martyrs"

Child abuse at a very basic level

What an absolute DISGRACE t... (Below threshold)

What an absolute DISGRACE to ask children to do their dirty work for them!! A child isn't able to give their consent to such a thing; what are their parents thinking, to allow this?!!

Bryan, that's a good idea; little kids could draw pictures even if they can't write, and that would be powerful too.

I was going to ask if the UN couldn't so something about the situation... silly me.


Is it more than Orthodox Je... (Below threshold)
Alice de Tokeville:

Is it more than Orthodox Jewish indoctrination? How else to explain the irrational behavior of Israelis? They have killed at least 3 Palestinians for every Jewish life lost!! Imagine the US so-called government bull-dozing the houses of suspected terrorists, suspected, not convicted, mind you. Today I heard a report of continued Israeli pumping of raw sewage onto Palestinian farmland and watersheds. They have done nothing to even hint that they intend to allow any Palestinians to remain living.

Wait, nowadays there is almost nothing, make that nothing, depraved that I would say is beyond so-called americans. (I can't bring myself to capitalize the word anymore.) We fund the Israelis per capita more than ourselves!

Alice,You are diseas... (Below threshold)

You are diseased. Anyone who tries to draw any moral equivalancy between a regime that teaches its children to blow themselves up in order to kill other innocent women and children should only be blessed with the luck of being in a cafe when the next murderous child time bomb blows themselves up and watch in horror as your child is shreded to pieces.
Since that is unlikely I truly hope you just get hit by a bus.

It is very sad to see such ... (Below threshold)

It is very sad to see such things.
Because of Israel and USA even innocent children have to give up their lives in order to protect their families.

Why doesn't Israel learn that it is causing so much damage. It is because of Israel (and USA which supports it) that innocent children are forced to sacrifice their lives instead of playing with toys.

I just wish that one day these children would be able to live freely without worrying about defending their families from Israel.

Let us all try to live in peace. We have come on earth to do better things than steal people's houses and lands.

Yeah, yeah, it's all Israel... (Below threshold)

Yeah, yeah, it's all Israel and America's fault that Jihad Nut-Jobs screw up most of the Middle East. Right.

MU's comment would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Let us all try to live in peace? I think your idea of world peace is to kill everyone who disagrees with you.

Alice- perhaps less freque... (Below threshold)

Alice- perhaps less frequent 'trips' to 'tokeville' would be appropriate.

MU- I would say that strapping on a bomb vest and stepping into a bus full of israeli school children pretty much invalidates just about everything you said.

All I have to say is if the... (Below threshold)

All I have to say is if the Palestinians want to blow themselves up, go right ahead. Please, Please, kill yourselves and rid this planet of your stupid, un-righteous, vindictive and barbaric bullshit.

Alice shouldn't live here a... (Below threshold)

Alice shouldn't live here anymore!

Excuse me, but how much do ... (Below threshold)

Excuse me, but how much do any of you know about the history of the Palestinian people. Come back and make your racist statements AFTER you have educated yourselves to their horrible plight. I 100 and 10% do NOT support terrorism so let that be known. But for every suicide bomber there are thousands more living in refugee camps because a nation was built on racism called Israel. No, not all Israelis are bad, but Zionism is a racist policy. Honestly, please take the time to find out what the issue is and that this is a travesty, one that most Americans do not know a darn thing about but continue to support. If you are not educated to the actual problem, take some time to do so. Until then, stop fanning the flames of your hatred at an innocent people called the Palestinians.

Robin, your passionate stat... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Robin, your passionate statement would have had more credibility before the Palestinians elected the chief sponsors of suicide bombers to lead their government. Not mention being given land and property that, instead of putting to use to better themselves, they destroyed out of spite and short-sightedness.

They made their choice, now they live with the consequences. Israel is a done deal, the sooner that gets through the Middle Eastern consciousness, the better it will be. There are admirable Palestinians, and very admirable Muslims. They're not in charge there, though.

Also interesting that the P... (Below threshold)

Also interesting that the Palestinians living in squalor is the fault of the Israelis, not the overwhelming majority of neighboring arab countries that do absolutely nothing to aid their own people.

The Israelis have been repeatedly attacked, and when they beat the aggressors back into the sea, they turned around and GAVE BACK the land they rightfully conquered to protect their people. Taking land indeed!

Oh, and whow many in the world are calling for the obliteration of Israel vs. those calling for the same of Palestine? Thought so.

What ? , they are a disgru... (Below threshold)

What ? , they are a disgruntled, discomgobulated mass of bitter murderous barbarians..with all the money these charity cases have gotten over the years, they could have bought out Las Vegas and renamed it Aladdinville or something.. a truly pathetic and altogether hopeless lot..

There's a fair amount of ha... (Below threshold)
Alice de Tokeville:

There's a fair amount of hatred right here on this website, but not too much hope or light. However, I am able to try discussing an issue without suggesting that those who disagree with me should be killed.

I wonder if responders here remember two refugee camps, the inhabitants of which Ariel Sharon personally oversaw the killing of - men, women and children. He has since then been considered a war criminal by many people all over the world, and yet he was elected the leader of Israel. The figure of three dead Palestinians for every Israeli killed in this conflict is conservative.

Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands is illegal, and, unless one believes that might makes right, immoral. I think one responder here even admitted that Israel took their land, and so Palestinians should give up and go away! Or, as someone suggested, since they received some humanitarian aid they should forfeit the rights to their land.

"The more we take, the less we become."

Truly, here in America we receive very censored news of Palestine. We're not told, for example, when the Israelis violate a ceasefire, or, more accurately, never even observe it, but we're told more about Palestinian violence. I've heard many people say that Ha'aretz is more even-handed in its reportage of Palestinian matters than American news outlets are.

Vituperation and oversimplifying, not to mention straw dog arguing and question-begging don't help. I, for instance, said nothing in defense of terrorism. I don't believe in bombing anyone, and think the Palestinians' cause is only hurt by suicide bombings. Yet, I do not believe that bombing from 30,000 feet is any more defensible. The body count is there to refute those 'smart bomb' claims. I mean, if the US were invaded by some other country, would we ever stop trying to get home? As it is, we justify killing 100,000 Iraqis just in the last three years alone, and they didn't even invade our country, or take anything from us!


Alice,Blah ... (Below threshold)


Blah Blah Blah, You Paplum Puking Liberal Pacifist. I have heard enough of your Pro-Palestinian rant that it makes me quite sick to my stomach. Anyone who can sit there and make saintly people of this lot has definately got a few screws loose, not to mention a very large pair of rose colored glasses on. These people and I mean all of them are nothing but a bunch of sadistic, evil, stoneage neanderthals. They have no intention of ever playing by the rules or supporting peace. Even if Israel were out of the picture, they'd still be pissing and moaning about something and trying to get something else for nothing. Better yet, if you think so highly of them, why don't you go over there and live with them or their so-called "Arab Brothers" who wouldn't lift a finger to help them. See how life is like in their country and how woman are treated like shit and them come back to the good old USA and I am sure you will firmly plant those lips on good old American soil and be thankful we are not like them.

But you are like them. List... (Below threshold)
Alice de Tokeville:

But you are like them. Listen to yourself.






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