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An Indoor Rain Forest On The Prairie?


If you build it, will anyone come?

A piece in todays Opinion Journal, The Incredible Shrinking Rain Forest by Michael Judge, shows how wrong things can go when the over-sized egos of multi-millionaire environmentalist and congressional earmarks collide.

Be sure to check out Nicholas Johnson's clearinghouse site and Iowa Pork Forest, both of which deal with Des Moines millionaire Ted Townsend's monumentally stupid Iowa Environmental Project, better known as the "Coralville Rain Forest."

It takes a lot on the folly scale to impress me, but in this case Senator Charles Grassley's has left me speechless...

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It's actually not an editor... (Below threshold)

It's actually not an editorial. It's an opinion piece. Editorials are (usually) unsigned pieces representing opinion of the editorial staff of a paper.


Wait, wasn't that a really ... (Below threshold)

Wait, wasn't that a really bad Pauly Shore movie? Life imitates art. Well, not art exactly, but.....

I really like the idea of a... (Below threshold)

I really like the idea of allowing "blow dart" hunting inside.

Ok, I was confused. We blo... (Below threshold)

Ok, I was confused. We blow dart the chicks? But why the poison then?

I dunno. I used to live in... (Below threshold)

I dunno. I used to live in the upper Midwest. A nice warm humid place would have been a Godsend for my poor sinuses in the middle of winter.

I'm kind of surprised that ... (Below threshold)

I'm kind of surprised that no one has pointed out that "a really bad Pauly Shore movie" is redundant. Or should I say, redumbdant.

So King, I see you have nev... (Below threshold)

So King, I see you have never been married...

Oklahoma City already has o... (Below threshold)

Oklahoma City already has one of these. We have also had it since 1988. Granted it's not as big, but it contains a rainforest & a desert.

Geeze, that thing looks lik... (Below threshold)

Geeze, that thing looks like a giant mutant worm. Supposedly for educational environmental awareness, I wonder if they'll publish the cubic feet of natural gas it's going to take to heat that monstrosity Nov-May. And if the projected cost is $180 million, actual is going to $220-240 million. Watch for it...... taxpayer bailout request.

FWIW, we have these nearby. Almost five decades old - you can tell by the lovely 50's lasanga-shaped entry - and much smaller, they are actually pretty cool to go and visit once in a blue moon. But they are called something other than the official name by locals. Use your imagination.

Paint it yellow and it coul... (Below threshold)

Paint it yellow and it could be a Protoss Reaver from Starcraft.

And yes, when I first read "Indoor Rainforest on the Prarie" I thought "Didn't I go see one of those the summer before last in Oklahoma City?" It was quite impressive, though they didn't allow blow darts.






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