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John Bolton: Vigorous Response to Iran

US Ambassador John Bolton is demanding real results from the UN Security Council regarding Iran:

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said on Thursday the U.N. Security Council should issue a "vigorous response" to Iran's nuclear ambitions or the United States might have to consider other steps.

But divisions persist among the five permanent council members, with China, and to a lesser extent Russia, calling for continued negotiations with Iran and apprehensive about putting the issue on the council's agenda for the first time.

"We're going to press for as vigorous a response in the council as we can get and hope that that gets the Iranians' attention," Bolton said told reporters.

"If the Iranians do not back off from their continued aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons, we'll have to make a decision of what the next step will be," he said.

John Bolton is making it clear to the UN and the rest of the world that the United States is going through UN channels right now, but the US will act if Iran continues with its nuclear program.

At this point, Russia and China are going wobbly on Iran as each country relies heavily on Iranian oil:

However, Russia seemed to rule out tough council measures.

The Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said sanctions against Iran would be ineffective and military action was not a solution. "I don't think sanctions as a means to solve a crisis have ever achieved a goal in recent history," Mr Lavrov said.

So Russia says no sanctions or military action. What's left? Begging?

In Beijing, China's Foreign Minister, Li Zhoxing, called for more negotiations, saying: "There is still room for co-operation" and "we support the European Union and Russian engagement with Iran".

How vigorous a response can we get from the Security Council when both of these countries have veto power?

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We're being forced into act... (Below threshold)

We're being forced into acting alone again by everyone else taking one step back. And if we do actually do something, we'll be bastards again.

I say we tell Iran, its open season in Russia, China, and even Europe. For that matter as long as you stay away from US targets, we won't bomb the piss out of your country no matter who else you hit, except maybe the Brits.

I firmly support the commen... (Below threshold)

I firmly support the comment above. China and Russia are backing down in fear of the Muslim Extremists. Chinas too busy feeding the Machine that sucks the US dry and Russia wants to feed the Iranians with warheads.

Who cares what the rest of ... (Below threshold)

Who cares what the rest of the world thinks? So we're the "Bastards", big deal. I really don't care what Pepe Le Pu thinks. Keep America safe by keeping the world safe. I'll proudly fly the "Bastard" flag right below the Stars & Stripes!

How long before Bolton need... (Below threshold)

How long before Bolton needs a vote to continue at the UN? Should be good seeing Democrats say he shouldn't be confirmed for a full term after he was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work there.

U.S. Ambassador John Bol... (Below threshold)

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said on Thursday the U.N. Security Council should issue a "vigorous response" to Iran's nuclear ambitions or the United States might have to consider other steps.

Exactly the stance we should take. Bolton is delivering much needed (but little wanted) medicine to the UN. Remind me again why the Democrats were so violently opposed to his confirmation?

You can hear Bolton at the ... (Below threshold)

You can hear Bolton at the AIPAC meeting in the Wizbang Podcast #12. He minces no words.

I know that we need sanctions that bite, but are we willing to include oil? Without Iranian oil, world prices will go to $100/barrel, and gas above $5/gallon. Are we ready?

We can set up steam power g... (Below threshold)

We can set up steam power generation plants over the smoldering remains...

This is what's going to ha... (Below threshold)

This is what's going to happen.Before this year is over, The U.S.A. Will be at war with Iran. Reason? Israel is going to attack Iran's nuclear "plants" and some other targets of interest then Iran will attack Israel then like a good neighbor will be there! A new deep rocket Buncker buster bombs of low yield power willbe used to destroy the plant.And of course Iran will get an early wakeup call when cruise missiles hit and F-117's go in to shutdown thier eyes and ears first. Then it's bombs away on "both" sides. Is your shelter done yet?






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