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Student nurses can be funny people

(Author's note: I'm taking a "light" day today. No heavy topics, no would-be thoughtful essays, no serious analysis. Today's postings should be 100% pure froth, no substance.)

Several years ago, I was very ill. Ill to the point of requiring hospitalization for four days. While in the hospital, I was hooked up to an IV for the first day. I was taken off it for the remainder of my visit, but they left the insertion in my hand in case I needed to be re-IV'd.

I also got to meet quite a few student nurses during my stay. Without exception, they were all cheerful, pleasant, and dedicated towards helping me recover and deal with my new lifelong condition.

But they were also very, very new, and in one case not quite "up to speed."

I wanted to take a shower one day. The student nurse was going to assist me getting to and from the shower (hospital regulations). She asked what they did for the IV insertion on the day before. I explained that I had worn a rubber glove with the fingers cut off to protect it from the water.

She thought that was a great idea, and got a rubber glove for me, then held it out for me to insert my hand.

I stared at her and the glove, then her again. Finally, I asked her the key question that I couldn't quite figure out on my own:

"Wouldn't it be easier to cut the fingers off BEFORE I put my hand in there?"


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Comments (10)

At least she was told to pr... (Below threshold)

At least she was told to prick your boil or slip off your spectacles... (So, they're old jokes. Best kind really...)

Hehe. I had to do that a co... (Below threshold)

Hehe. I had to do that a couple years ago as well, but I didn't get the fingers cut off... So at least your nurse offered to cut the fingers off!

Since you're having a light day, here's some light and funny reading: The Liberal Stovepipe.

...no would-be thoughtfu... (Below threshold)

...no would-be thoughtful essays, no serious analysis.

And this is different from any other day how? [grin]

Picky Picky! Next you will ... (Below threshold)

Picky Picky! Next you will tell us she was a blond.

Gosh, pretty young thing he... (Below threshold)

Gosh, pretty young thing helping you shower. What could be bad about that...

Er... wasn't told. S... (Below threshold)

Er... wasn't told. Shesh. No more posting while sleep deprived.

Kin, I WISH. But as I said,... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kin, I WISH. But as I said, she was to help me TO and FROM the shower. I was alone with the actual plumbing fixtures.


Student nurses rock! We go... (Below threshold)

Student nurses rock! We got the best attention the first day with Valerie from a Mutt and Jeff pair of them. It was worth what I thought was a little extra time it took them cleaning her up, weighing and measuring her, and whatever immediately after her birth.

When I was in the Air Force... (Below threshold)

When I was in the Air Force, I needed to have some semi-emergency surgery. Sometime after the surgery (I was awake at the time) a supervising nurse and a student nurse came in take my periodic vitals.

At the time, I was in very, very good shape (running 10ks and such). She took my pulse and got very, very flustered. My resting HR at the time was around 36, and she didn't know what to do...

Supervising nurse just asked if I was a runner, looked at the other readings on the chart and explained it to the student, but I cna still remember how confused she was. Maybe she was afraid she was taking my pulse wrong...heh...

I have nothing to add about... (Below threshold)

I have nothing to add about nurses, except that I proposed to my nurse while being sedated for my back surgery. Fortunately, she thought it was "cute", despite my being married.

Now, that Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms girl on the T-shirt add. Nearly made my heart stop.






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