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Teachers can be funny people

During the course of my work, I have occasion to run into quite a few teachers. And one of them gave me the biggest laugh I've had at my job.

To make conversation, I asked one teacher what she taught. She said that she works in a junior high, teaching the kids who have "special behavioral issues." I commiserated with her, saying that "that must take a great deal of patience."

She looked me straight in the eye, without a hint of a smile. "I tell you, if it wasn't for the valium salt lick in the teacher's lounge, I'd have quit years ago."

I laughed so hard, I scared other people around us and nearly hurt myself.

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A couple of years back, our... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

A couple of years back, our state released some informatin on why the cost of the teachers' health insurance was going up. One of the numbers they released was about prescriptions. The average person in our state uses about 5 prescriptions a year. The average teacher has about 21 a year. The number one prescribed drug for teachers: Valium.

I never laughed so hard whe... (Below threshold)

I never laughed so hard when I read on Drudge today " DAILY KOS 'CRASHING THE GATE' ONLY 253 COPIES PURCHASED, NIELSEN CLAIMS... " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats Funny?You guys... (Below threshold)
one eye buck tooth [X^B:

Thats Funny?
You guys live in a Fantasy World.

The Teacher I know works in a Dallas High School.
The Kids do not Care, the parents blame the teachers for their kids morals or lack of.

This Teacher making miserable wages, has had her Car Stolen twice by the students. Secondly the NCLB is so underfunded she isn't even qualified for the Class she Teaches, yet she continues because she likes to Teach. Yeh Funny? Hah Hah.

The County I live in (TX) has more wealth than any other county, Guess what? mostly Its all Bush 'conservatives' The Drugs are MORE rampant in the Wealthy Schools than the Poor ones.

Worse the Police of this 'Well to do' High School
offered money to the Students for ratting out their friends,
Know what happened?
The Kids, who did drugs, turned in the other kids who did drugs, with that money the Kids bought more drugs.
The Police never notified the Parents of the NARC program. Of course the NARCS got beat up for being Hypocrites.
And that to you is Funny?
I am sorry but this BLOG is soooo
Anti-intellectual as to become Anne Coulter.
Now Let me update you with Alqaeda and Pakistan and see if you can HAH HAH that away.
What I think this story reveals is that the 9-11 Commission and the U.S. government deliberately withheld information from the U.S. public (and everyone else for that matter) that linked Al Qaeda operatives to persons who had close ties to Pakistani government officials, including members of Pakistan's ISI. One can only guess whether that was to save embarrassment or to hide illegal conduct.

One thing is for certain, i.e., the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA have deceived, and continue to deceive, the public concerning Rana's connection to Al Qaeda and the facts regarding the 9-11 attack.

One of the standouts in this spin of lies is Neil Herman, a former FBI official who was involved in the Bojinka investigation and a former supervisor of the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force in New York. Herman was quoted in an August 5, 2004 New York Times article entitled, Qaeda Strategy is Called Cause for New Alarm by Eric Lipton and Benjamin Weiser, which reported:

Even though the large-scale jetliner attack over the Pacific never happened, it is clear that the elaborate planning was an unappreciated warning of the sophistication and determination of the terrorists.

"It showed the government back in the mid-1990's how detail-oriented these individuals were," said Mr. Herman, the former FBI official, who was involved in the Bojinka investigation. "It also showed that there was an active network, although, of course, we were unable to determine the extent of the network back then."

Another prominent figure suspected of quashing the truth is Dietrich L. Snell, the Senior Counsel and Team Leader of the Official 9-11 Commission. Peter Lance writes extensively in his books Cover Up and 1000 Years for Revenge about Snell's shenanigans in cherry-picking evidence and excluding credible witness testimony, including information collected by the Defense Department's Able Danger Unit concerning pre-9/11 sightings of Mohammed Atta, one of the nineteen suspected hijackers. These allegations are now resurfacing in the news. The Associated Press (AP) reported on February 15, 2005 that U.S. Representative Curt Weldon, the vice Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee advised the public that the Able Danger Unit had identified Atta more than a dozen times before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Weldon also reportedly said the secret team found "a problem" in Yemen two weeks before the deadly Al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole in 2000, of which the ship commander was not told..

bucktooth...Intere... (Below threshold)


Interesting assertions.

Citation/links to supporting documentation??

Some Valium over here for B... (Below threshold)

Some Valium over here for Buck Tooth! STAT!!!

And what the HELL is the Na... (Below threshold)
one eye buck tooth [X^B:

And what the HELL is the Nature of your Work
Jay Tea?

All I see is misleading crap and Gurlie Talk about
what you call "Politics" is nothing but Rhetoric.

Of course that Teacher didn't smile she probably wanted to smack you upside the Head.
The others also Looked at you as a FOOL as well
Not Because you laughed but because you are Blind ed by your Left/Right Bias, and that is Shocking because we are speaking Of Kids.

I would have stomped you right there Had you been within my reach.

Not politics.

I aint doin yer Homework No... (Below threshold)
mr ho:

I aint doin yer Homework No More
Either you get it or you Don't.
Buh Bye.


How about some herbal tea, ... (Below threshold)

How about some herbal tea, eh, Bucky Woo Woo?

Mellaril or Thorazine would... (Below threshold)

Mellaril or Thorazine would be more appropriate for the troll.

This teacher, unlike old on... (Below threshold)

This teacher, unlike old one eye, has a sense of humor. That's an important qualification for that line of work.

Great anecdote, Jay.

Bravo, Maureen - I am a tea... (Below threshold)

Bravo, Maureen - I am a teacher of enrichment computer classes, academic computer classes for returning dropouts as well as a homeschool mom of 5 great kids. I teach all week, and a sense of humor makes it all possible - what makes it worth it all is the genuine satisfaction one gets from seeing the face of a kid light up when he finally "gets it", or when she sees her first "A" EVER. Thanks, Jay Tea, for a great story that I can email to all my colleagues. Great teachers love to laugh!






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