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In which I shred any self-respect I might once have possessed...

Last night, I did something I never did before, swore I never would do, and reaffirm that vow to never do again.

I watched "American Idol."

But I swear, it was barely half of the show, and it was for purely political reasons.

All of Massachusetts has been atwitter this season about one of the contestants. 17-year-old Ayla Brown of Wrentham has been wowing them (or so I hear), and is a real All-American girl. Great student, star athlete, and a fantastic singer, along with (I've been told) a good personality and a decent head on her shoulders.

But it's not just Ayla's own innate qualities that has folks talking. Her parents are a big part of the story.

Ayla's mother is Gail Huff, a reporter for Boston's ABC affiliate. As such, her face and voice are well-known to much of New England.

And Ayla's father, Scott Brown, is a very, very rare fellow. He's a State Senator and a Republican -- one of only six of that party in the 40-seat Senate. He's seen as a rising star in GOP circles in the Bay State, which means he has a better-than-average chance of being goveror or lieutenant governor -- that seems to be the only career path for Republicans; they might as well kiss off any hopes of going to Capitol Hill, or any sort of state legislative leadership.

In fact, Brown was on the "short list" of potential running mates for sitting Lt. Governor Kerry Murphy Healey, but Brown deferred any decisions while his daughter was competing on American Idol.

Well, last night his future might have opened up a bit, as Ayla's hopes on the show ended. She was the 2nd-lowest vote-getter among the women, so she got sent packing.

I blame myself. I violated a sacred vow to myself and tuned in, and she lost. I shall take this as a lesson: never again will I watch American Idol.

But the nerd in me has to wonder -- was she named after the heroine of Jean Auel's "Earth's Children" novels, Ayla Ranzz of comic-book semi-fame, or someone else?

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Aw, Jay. You watched it at... (Below threshold)

Aw, Jay. You watched it at the wrong time. The only worthwhile time to watch Idol is when they are doing the audition shows. They are an absolute laugh riot!

Repeating....doesn't this f... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Repeating....doesn't this fluff belong @ Wizbang Pop? Just sayin'.

Isn't there a 12 step progr... (Below threshold)

Isn't there a 12 step program for that?

Hi, I'm Jay Tea, and I'm addicted to American Idol.

(Chorus) Hi Jay Tea!

I've have yet to see the show, and so far I'm not tempted.

I've got to laugh, I subscr... (Below threshold)

I've got to laugh, I subscribed to this comment thread and received an e-mail that says in part:

"In which I shred any self-respect I might once have possessed... by clicking this link:"

If I click on the link, but don't feel any different, does that mean I didn't have any self-respect to begin with?

"the daughter of Rep. Scott... (Below threshold)

"the daughter of Rep. Scott Brown (D-Wrentham)"

Shouldn't that be an R?

Jason is right. I only wat... (Below threshold)

Jason is right. I only watch the first, what, 6 or 7 episodes where they weed out the pathetic William Hung types who think they have talent, but don't. After that, I lose all interest.

I swear, I think some of these clueless boobs are auditioning to be the next William Hung, that is, someone who is so talentless that they're given a recording contract almost as a joke. In which case maybe they're not so clueless.

I hate to sound a contrary ... (Below threshold)

I hate to sound a contrary note to the smug-fest, but we watch Idol in our house.

It's a rarity for evening television - a show the whole family can watch and enjoy. You see some awfully nice and polite and earnest young men and women competing for that end-of-the-rainbow pot of gold, and watching them deal with the pressures involved in that kind of competition can be pretty amazing. My boys (ages 8 and 9) have their favorites picked out.

The early episodes - when the producers give us a parade of cross-dressers and self-delusional egotists to laugh at - gets tiresome quickly for us. Your experience may differ...

Jay it was worth reading th... (Below threshold)

Jay it was worth reading this entry just to see someone name drop Ayla Ranzz. Now it would be even more revealing to see what code name you associated with that name.

DJ, I started collecting a ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

DJ, I started collecting a couple months before "Murder Most Foul" and "Earthwar," dropped it after Zero Hour, started up again with the latest reboot. She'll always be "Light Lass" to me...

And that book had some of the most talented artists in comics. Cockrum, Grell, Sherman, Nasser, Broderick, Giffen (before he fried his brain), Lightle, LaRocque...



Is there room for no-one b... (Below threshold)

Is there room for no-one but fat-bottomed girls in this country or what? Too many McDonald's fries goin' down heah! Good show anyway and with a six-pack it's great! The talent is less spread-out this year (it's Mandisa's to lose), but Simon is the whole show anyway, and it's in living color, not that blue monochrome. Yep, Ayla was FINE, now she's gone! It's just me and Amy Diamond now. Check out her videos on p2p and usenet. (And NO if there's a porn star with that name, it's the wrong one!)

How can you reaffirm a vow ... (Below threshold)

How can you reaffirm a vow to never do it again, when your original vow was not to do it at all? Seems to me you should vow a new vow. Unless you're deliberately leaving yourself an out so you can sneak another peak...

BTW, since you only watched it a little, did you inhale?

Remember, the first hit of ... (Below threshold)

Remember, the first hit of crack is free...

Her ouster from American Id... (Below threshold)

Her ouster from American Idol has Rove's fingerprints all over it.

I'm officially pissed becau... (Below threshold)

I'm officially pissed because the two I really can't stand on that show (Ace Young and that Kevin kid) are still on it. BLAAAHHH!

And for the record, the only reason I watch is for the snarkfest at Idol Tongues (ASV Michele Catalano's AI site).

I still don't get the appea... (Below threshold)

I still don't get the appeal. Especially the first several weeks of the competition - watching untalented people try to sing. One or two might be amusing, but there's hours of that dreck. And then there's Simon, who has locked himself into playing the stereotyped "guy everyone hates" with his stupid comments. How boring.

Of course, anytime I mention anything negative about it, I get the eye-rolling "you just don't get it" from my family. Oh well.






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