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Unemployment Rates: Then and Now

Jayson at PoliPundit posted the unemployment rates from February 1998 and February 2006:

February 1998

3.9 - Whites.
9.7 - Blacks.
6.8 - Latinos.

On the other hand:

February 2006

4.1 - Whites.
9.3 - Blacks.
5.5 - Latinos.


Comments (9)

Hooverville here we come!</... (Below threshold)

Hooverville here we come!


Now thats what I call progr... (Below threshold)

Now thats what I call progress!

Of course the unemployment ... (Below threshold)

Of course the unemployment rate for blacks is down, Bush's caused millions of blacks to die in New Orleans when he ordered the destruction of the levees.

And hired numbers of illega... (Below threshold)

And hired numbers of illegal Latinos to rebuild it...

Dang. I was going to say s... (Below threshold)

Dang. I was going to say something clever about how Bush has ruined everything but it is just too lame to even try after Conan and epador. I am defeated before I even begin.

i love the incredibly infor... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

i love the incredibly informative categories. black. white. latino. very descriptive and helpful. polls are funny.

"i love the incredibly info... (Below threshold)

"i love the incredibly informative categories. black. white. latino. very descriptive and helpful. polls are funny." -ryan

Yeah, funny... Did you take the time to look at the report itself?

I think Kim did a great job going through the report, found the important stuff and pulled out the highlights. I mean heaven forbid you actually go look at the break down the actual report makes. But hey, maybe you're just trying to intentionally be a jackass.

Upon further review of the ... (Below threshold)

Upon further review of the play, the ruling on the field is partially over-turned. Kim didn't go through it, someone else did. That small factoid doesn't change the fact you are still acting like a jackass.

I was once told that any un... (Below threshold)

I was once told that any unemployment figures uder 5% didn't mean anything. At any given time, unemployment should always be 5% due to people moving around in the workplace.

I love hearing people whine about the unemployment rate. I came through the 70's in the Chicago area where the rate was around 19%. Try getting a job THEN.






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