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NH Jurist attempts to supplant the phrase "hanging judge"

I don't know a thing about New Hampshire Superior Court Chief Justice Robert J. Lynn beyond this article, but I'm betting he's hard on gun crimes and absolute death on hunting cases...

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I've seen evidence of my gr... (Below threshold)

I've seen evidence of my grandfather , who is in his 80s, hit the bullseye (literally an "X" in size and appearance) during indoor shootings. I'm pretty sure the distance was 26ft (but don't quote me), and he certainly doesn't make it every time. His victories earn me candy bars, so it's all good by me.

Mad props to the judge for his markmanship.

The remark that infuriates ... (Below threshold)

The remark that infuriates me is the gratuitous quote about VP Cheney:

"Bob has always had a passion for guns; he was always very good at it," said Bill Shaheen, a prominent Democrat who hired Lynn to join him at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Concord in the late 1970s. "He should give Dick Cheney lessons.

Rifles, pistols, and shotguns each require different techniques, plus the VP's accident wasn't a matter of skill; it wasn't as if he were actually trying to hit his friend!

It's garbage such as that quote that gives away the bias of its author.






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