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The Success in Tall Afar

Mudville Gazette posted a letter from the Mayor of Tall Afar thanking the 3rd ACR for their role in ridding the city of al Qaeda insurgents. No one in the MSM even acknowledged the existence of the letter let alone the success the 3rd ACR had in getting rid of al Qaeda from the city.

However, Michelle Malkin reports that 60 Minutes actually did a segment tonight about the success in Tall Afar. And she has some video of the segment.

(CBS) This is a story about an entire city that was taken over by al Qaeda. It's called Tal Afar and about 200,000 people who live there became prisoners in their own homes when terrorists took control and turned it into their town.

They used Tal Afar as a base to train insurgents and launch attacks around Iraq. Last September, U.S. and Iraqi forces set out to recapture Tal Afar, and as Lara Logan reports, the Bush administration is pointing to that operation as a model for how to fight and win the rest of the war.

"Al Qaeda in Iraq had a very sophisticated strategy for taking over the city," says Colonel H.R. McMaster.

He should know. For a year, Col. McMaster served as one of the military's top advisers on fighting the Iraqi insurgency. Yet he says when he came to Tal Afar last May, he didn't realize how badly al Qaeda had brutalized the people.

It's about time the MSM reported on the accomplishments that have taken place in Iraq.

Update: I am reminded by a reader that the Washington Post did report on the success in cleaning up the mess in Tall Afar. Also, the New York Post reported on the letter itself.

The negative reporting is so overwhelming sometimes that it's easy to forget that a few news outlets do let some good news out once in a while.

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No one in the MSM even a... (Below threshold)

No one in the MSM even acknowledged the existence of the letter let alone the success the 3rd ACR had in getting rid of al Qaeda from the city.

Here's the Washington Post covering the success in Tal Afar in February. Here's the San Jose Mercury News from last week. Frontline also covered Tal Afar in The Insurgency a few weeks ago. Those are just from a Google news search, I found more in lexis nexis. I suppose the Washington Post doesn't count as MSM in your book?

Good piece on 60 Minutes. Too bad Iraq is like a whack-a-mole game.

6 months to capture Tal Afa... (Below threshold)

6 months to capture Tal Afar?? And we weren't fighting the Waffen SS?? Good news, though. (...and Lara Logan is SMOKIN'!!!)

Hmmm.6 mo... (Below threshold)


6 months to capture Tal Afar?? And we weren't fighting the Waffen SS??

Do you really want me to give you a good blog-comment thrashing?

Actually, while it's not a ... (Below threshold)

Actually, while it's not a "major" newspaper, the Colorado Springs Gazette did publish the letter on its editorial page a couple of weeks ago. Of course, in a town where there are 25,000 active duty military and 75,000 retirees, a lot of news that doesn't appear elsewhere shows up here.

"If it bleeds, it leads."</... (Below threshold)

"If it bleeds, it leads."

Sorry Kim. You'll have to pay for your propaganda. I suggest getting your info from (only) Fox News, Powerlie or Malkin from now on. (Or try the Iraqi papers - we're paying good money there)

I would laugh at the repeat... (Below threshold)

I would laugh at the repeated 'propaganda' response from those that think like jp, if it weren't so despicable.

As a Veteran of the 3d ACR, I can tell you that this letter exactly fits the character and abilities of the Regiment. It is no surprise to me whatsoever.

It's great when the moonbats try to discount such a document as 'propaganda'. It not only exposes their willingness to support the troops, but also their total inability to acknowlege anything positive in the GWOT. For if such a story were true, it would rattle the very foundation of their warped philosophy.

Frankly jp, you just come across like an asshole.

Sorry BryanD, you would pre... (Below threshold)

Sorry BryanD, you would prefer we just flatten all the cities in Iraq, rather than trying to minimize civilian casualties?
But then, you'd be among the first screaming about the brutality of the coalition forces.
This is one of the reasons folks on the right think many on the left are lacking in the "support the troops" department: many like you always paint the soldiers as either incompetent OR as blood thirsty brutes.

The negative repor... (Below threshold)
The negative reporting is so overwhelming sometimes that it's easy to forget that a few news outlets do let some good news out once in a while.

Isn't there a term for that? Lawyers do it with discovery and stuff, burying a lawyer in paper,but isn't there a term when a political apparatus does it?

I think the 3rd ACR made it... (Below threshold)

I think the 3rd ACR made it harder to do what was necesary. The 2-14th of the 25th ID did a better job with only 600 personal. the 3rd ACR had 5000, and could not hold it down with out destroying homes. I was there for both of them. I never want to be part of the 3rd acr agin.

Charlie, your comments, are... (Below threshold)

Charlie, your comments, aren't quite 100% accurate about 3rd ACR and Talafar. I was there also, and yes 3rd ACR does have 5000 but if you remember, only 2nd Squadron(about 650 soldiers) manuevered in Talafar along with the aviation assets. 1st squadron operated around Sinjar, while 3rd Squadron was South of Baghdad. The only times Iraqi homes were fired upon or destroyed is if we received fire from that location and it was positively ID'd. 2-14 CAV did a great job and have a lot of good people. Both of us received casualties together during the transition. We, from the 3rd ACR, never have and never will try to take anything from them by insulting them. I would suggest you do the same.

Just a bit of information--... (Below threshold)

Just a bit of information--I was in 2-14 Cavalry in Tal Afar. We did not have 600 people as you say. The Squadron MTOE's around 450, and of them only about 250 are "fighting" soldiers, meaning it was the same people going outside the wire and fighting every day, with contact virtually assured every time they left the wire. Statistically, Tal Afar was the most hostile city in country at that time, but most of the activity was rolled up as Mosul for the sake of simplicity. And we covered the whole area, including Sinjar and up to the Syrian border. In total, it was approximately 10,000 square miles of our brigade's total 14,000 square miles. Not to take anything away from the 3rd ACR. From everything I hear, they are a great unit. I know many people who have served in it who were with 2-14 in Tal Afar.






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