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China, Russia Reject UN Proposal on Iran

This isn't a surprise:

UNITED NATIONS - Russia and China have rejected proposals from the United States and other veto-wielding members of the U.N. Security Council for a statement demanding that Iran clear up suspicions about its nuclear program, diplomats said Monday.


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Comments (13)

Does the left think that we... (Below threshold)

Does the left think that we should just wait for Russia and China to come around before the international community does something about this?

Not that anybody needs any more proof, but doesn't this just clearly illustrate the fundamental problems with the UN ?

Oh my , what a surprise ... (Below threshold)

Oh my , what a surprise Russia and China can sucker-up to the islamic hoards oil supplie,s while continuing to supply the weapons and fuel the anti west hatred that these barbarians have.. pretty clear isn,t it.

Can we now dispense with th... (Below threshold)

Can we now dispense with the whole UN bunraku show and get on with it?

We can always just veto the... (Below threshold)

We can always just veto their veto...

The UN has proved time and ... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

The UN has proved time and again that it is incapable of solving problems yet we continue to pour US tax dollars into it's coffers to be used in many cases on things that are counter to our best interest.
With the advent of the blogosphere, I wonder if it would be possible to get a grass roots movement started to get us out of the UN? It seems that if enough people e-mailed their congresscritters and senators such a movement could take hold.
At the very least, it seems such a movement would cause the UN to realize who is buttering their bread and make them be a little more responsive to the US.
Just a thought.

Their missles will likely o... (Below threshold)

Their missles will likely only be able to reach Russia and China for some time. I say we call their bluff and walk away from the situation.

I wonder if it wouldn't be ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I wonder if it wouldn't be best to just engage Iran. Engage them in an arms race I mean. Let them know that we believe they have nuclear weapons, and thus, they are subject to a preemptive nuclear strike, just as all other declared nuclear powers are. It's part of the price of being a nuclear power.

Given the accuracy of U.S. nuclear weapons, their underground facilities are not anywhere near adequate. Even a facility so deep that it could survive would be useless as all access shafts and tunnels would collapse. They also have to assume the U.S. can drop more than one warhead on the same spot if needed.

The only current viable way to survive a nuclear preemptive strike is for Iran to develop a nuclear submarine fleet capable of eluding U.S. hunter/destroyer subs and keep some of them on patrol constantly. They also have to figure out how to penetrate the U.S. anti-missile shield, which should be deployed long before Iran commissions it's first sub. Iran has to work hard to catch up and reach parody with the U.S., otherwise all they get is the A.D. part of M.A.D.

To pay for a nuclear force that can credibly threaten the U.S., Iran would have to increase oil production and insure it's uninterrupted supply for decades. Unless we elect a series of left-wing presidents, Iran could never be sure that the value of all the oil it has would be enough. If Iran wants to play with the big boys it's going to have to spend like the big boys.

Mac,If Iran wants ... (Below threshold)


If Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon with the intention of using it (and not for deterrence as they claim), it will be against Israel, not us. A much closer, smaller, and easier target. It would only take one, and it would be the largest suicide bombing ever. Which is of course why it won't happen; authoritarian regimes don't like to give up their authority by being dead.

So, mantis, should we just ... (Below threshold)

So, mantis, should we just sit back and wait for them to do that ?

They're vetoing a "stern le... (Below threshold)

They're vetoing a "stern letter"? Did I get that right?

So, mantis, should we ju... (Below threshold)

So, mantis, should we just sit back and wait for them to do that ?

Is that what I wrote? Gee, I could have sworn it was something else.

Mantis,You're theory... (Below threshold)

You're theory breaks down when dealing with insane leaders. Iran's president is a couple of Lego's short of a kit, in case you haven't noticed

I personally believe his rh... (Below threshold)

I personally believe his rhetoric is just that, given what I know about Iran and Ahmadinejad himself. Added to that is the fact that the president doesn't even control Iran's nuclear policy, but rather the more worrisome Supreme National Security Council. In any case, I think the possibility of Iran passing a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group is a far greater concern than Iran overtly attacking Israel. They know they would be annihilated if they did that, and you can rest assured they don't want to be annihilated, even if it meant the destruction of Israel. Why do you think the terrorist leaders never participate in suicide bombings themselves? Power. Power in this life is worth more than the promise of paradise in the next.






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