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New Hampshire Blogging Bash: Still on track...

...but only a couple inches further along.

OK, I'm pretty much set on doing this. I'd like to attend a Blogging Bash and meet other bloggers, readers, and whatnot face-to-face, so I'm still planning on holding one soon.

My initial plan is for Jillians in Manchester on Saturday, April 2, but that's just a starting point for discussion. If anyone else has any other ideas for time and place, chime in in the comments below.

I'm pretty much open for anywhere in the Concord/Manchester/Nashua/Salem area, if anyone has any better ideas for times and places, speak out. And if you're interested in attending, say so.

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NH bloggers only Jay? No ma... (Below threshold)

NH bloggers only Jay? No massholes welcome?

The location is fine, but A... (Below threshold)

The location is fine, but April 2nd falls on a Sunday, which would work well for me, since I have plans on Saturday the 1st. So, if Saturday is the best day for everybody, I'll have to try to meet up with you another time. Thanks for trying to put this thing together.

By the way, Solomon and Richard Landes are putting together a New England blogger meeting in Boston on Thursday, March 23rd at 8:00pm. A location has not been decided upon, but it will probably be somewhere on the BU campus. If you didn't get the email let me know I'll forward what I got on it.

Saturday, April Fool's Day,... (Below threshold)

Saturday, April Fool's Day, or Sunday is probably OK with me. Thanks, Jay Tea.

Saturday or Sunday is fine ... (Below threshold)

Saturday or Sunday is fine with me, Jay.

BTW - there's a nice Irish pub in Nashua called "The Peddler's Daughter" that's right on the main street near the Martha's Exchange brewpub, if Jillian's doesn't work for some reason.

Not that either location matters much to me, being a Masshole and all.

It's too bad I'm just a wee... (Below threshold)

It's too bad I'm just a wee bit too far away to attend. But have one in the summer, and I promise to scoot down for a couple days, just for the occassion!

Cheers, Jay! Have fun.






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