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Well, at least he tried to do the right thing...

Yesterday, I discussed a convicted child molester who, after violating his parole and going on the lam for about a year, was caught and returned to Massachusetts -- where he was given another ten years of probation. Today, the Boston Globe still doesn't seem to think it's newsworthy, but the Herald is continuing its coverage -- with news that Mr. Wheeler/Qadeer had brought suit against the Bay State in 2004 fighting those terms he is accused of violating.

Wheeler/Qadeer -- who not only molested children as young as five, but videotaped it -- said his First Amendment rights of religion and association were being violated by the restrictions. He wanted to freely visit and even live in a mosque, where he would have virtually unfettered access to children. The state -- in a rare display of common sense -- said that he could go to services as often as he liked, but under no circumstances was he to have unsupervised access to kids.

That's apparently what motivated Wheeler/Qadeer to move to Florida, where he did precisely what he sought Massachusetts' permission to do. And he did that for about a year before authorities caught up with him.

Only to see him let loose on parole yet again.

(I've mentioned the web site Map Sex Offenders a couple times before, but it's worth repeating. It's a site that combines state sex offender records with Google Maps to provide readers with details on registered sex offenders in almost any neighborhood in the United States. They currently cover 41 states and the District of Columbia, with plans to add another five by July. Pennsylvania has partial maps available, while South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont don't make such records public.)

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If the victims were ... (Below threshold)

If the victims were aged old politicans and judges, you'd see how fast better laws and judicial responsibility took hold.

This problem is becoming a national disgrace and as a mother I am appalled.

Utah does in fact have an o... (Below threshold)

Utah does in fact have an online sex-offender registry, that gives the "current" address of offenders as well as other information on the offender.

A perfect example of why we... (Below threshold)

A perfect example of why we need to have some means of removing incompetent judges from the bench.

Being from PA, it frustrate... (Below threshold)

Being from PA, it frustrates me that I don't have access to such things like almost all other states. I've tried multiple times on multiple sites to look up sex offenders in my area to no avail. I'd love to know how many are in my town and where they are.

Now, are you using the "Wiz... (Below threshold)

Now, are you using the "Wizbang definition" of molesting? As in to "annoy or bother?" You said Kennedy molested Alito's wife, so I'm wondering if this guy just annoyed or bothered kids. Confusing!


jp2, I realize this might b... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

jp2, I realize this might be a hell of a challenge to you, but PLEASE try to use two or more brain cells.

Go and re-read that piece you linked to. Skip past the part you cited, and look at the author's name. See what it says? "Rob Port."

Now go and re-read the piece above. See the author credit? "Jay Tea."

I have a great deal of respect for Rob, but I'm not him, and he's not me. You got problems with him, take it up with him.

Got anything ELSE to bust on me over? Say, over something I might have said?



Jay Tea, quit molesting jp2... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Jay Tea, quit molesting jp2.

Seriously. I feel dirty. </... (Below threshold)

Seriously. I feel dirty.

Who owns this blog anyways?

jp2, will you please stop f... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

jp2, will you please stop flaunting your ignorance and virtually non-existent reading comprehension?

Scroll down to the bottom of the left column, and you'll see Kevin Aylward is listed as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. This whole shebang is his. That's put up on every single page. I'm listed as "section editor," but we're still trying to work out just what that means.







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