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All It Takes is One Image

It's been almost five years since 9/11. It's amazing how one image can bring it all back like it happened yesterday.


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This man deserves to be ave... (Below threshold)

This man deserves to be avenged. Death to our enemies. His killers and their allies.

Where have all the images g... (Below threshold)

Where have all the images gone of the DOZENS of people that I saw jumping that day 4 1/2 years ago? Not to be ghoulish, but even then, after the fourth hour had passed, the towers (in between the ubiquitous talking heads) were the PREFERRED symbols of the event. The priest being crushed by the falling body as he gave last rites to the freshly fallen; the couple holding hands in mid-air: where are these images now? (When W could not help himself from mentioning the word "shopping" in his 9/11 soliloquy I knew censorship was what "shopping" required.) I may be wrong but there seems to be a memory hole on the web concerning these images? Any links? And Kim, what do you mean: It only takes ONE image? Is this affirmative action victimology or what?

Great point. I think these ... (Below threshold)

Great point. I think these images and video should be printed/broadcast every week. People forget so easily.

I knew that was the picture... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I knew that was the picture before I even checked the link.

You are all correct in my o... (Below threshold)

You are all correct in my opinion. We forget too easlily. Cubanbob, I second that!

Thanks for the link to that... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link to that post. It was a good but sad reminder of what happened. I agree with the post when it says that it seems we are in on some sort of private agony that we should not be exposed to. I'm very sorry for the man's family that they should know what a terrible death he died.

The picture is upside down.... (Below threshold)

The picture is upside down. He's actually climbing the WTC

Tim, you're an ass.... (Below threshold)

Tim, you're an ass.

You're repulsive, Tim.... (Below threshold)

You're repulsive, Tim.

"It's amazing how one image... (Below threshold)

"It's amazing how one image can bring it all back like it happened yesterday. "


It's obvious you've never h... (Below threshold)

It's obvious you've never held the reins of power AbuGhraibYogaInstructor. To expect instant action that is also correct and appropriate to a unexpected and chaotic situation is laughable at best.

9 times out of 10, it's better to stop and think a situation through BEFORE taking action, else you make it far worse. With the kind of power the President of the United States of America holds, I would rather he sit still for a few minutes to compose his thoughts and determine an appropriate course of action than to go shooting from the hip.

If you remember, that's why Howard Dean lost his primary bid in 2004. People thought he was too volatile to hold the reins of power.

I think I can explain why t... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

I think I can explain why these images, and others from 9/11, have vanished from the airwaves. It's called memory suppression, a common psychological defense mechanism. We tend to block out memories that are traumatic and avoid places and things that may bring them back. We have done this collectively, as a nation.

As repulsive as the two moonbats, Tim and AbuGhraibYogaInstructor, may well be, I think I can also explain their despicable statements, which consist of sick gallows humor and obssessive Bush hatred. These are also defense mechanisms.

The memory of 9/11 is so horrible and realization that it could occur again, or worse, so terrifying that these two imbeciles, not gifted with much intellect to assist them in any case, use the humor and Bushbashing to attempt to control the memory and stave off present danger. It was all Bush's fault and if we only get rid of Bush, all will be safe and all can be forgotten.

Global terrorism and its unpredicatability is indeed very frightening, difficult to pin down, difficult to eradicate. But Bush (and Israel) are more within our control. All we need to do is rid ourselves of Chimpy and stop supporting the Joos and we will al be safe. Terrorism will simply be a bad nightmare from the past, easily forgotten. The fact that this defense mechanism had no basis in logic and thus is rejected by the rationale-minded does not seem to diminish its popularity on the left.

may the souls of the fallin... (Below threshold)

may the souls of the falling people rest in peace, and be remembered forever.






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