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Food for thought

Dafydd Ab Hugh is a pretty good author who has turned blogger. And he has a rather (if you'll pardon the pun) novel perspective. For example, a great many people are talking about the recent rise in killings in Iraq and pointing to it as a sign that a civil war might be on the verge of breaking out any moment.

Dafydd, though, looked at it from a demographic angle and puts forth a contrasting theory: this could actually be a sign of hope, of future peace in Iraq.

It's a tough case to sell, and I'm not quite sure I buy it, but it's certainly worth looking at...

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What a sad, sad post. ... (Below threshold)

What a sad, sad post.

11 attacks Wednesday including the death of two American soldiers and two women and a child. 22 bodies were also found.

Hopeful indeed.

jp2:That sums it u... (Below threshold)


That sums it up.

Considering how awful things were in pre-2003 Iraq, that's practically a day in the park. But it doesn't matter to you that Hussein's folks were killing people in wholesale lots, as long as you get to complain about retail...

Hell, there's parts of Baghdad that have lower murder rates than *Detroit*.

If he is right, and there i... (Below threshold)

If he is right, and there is as yet not enough evidence to positively confirm this, these killings could be the equivalent of the Central American death squads wiping out the leftist thugs in 80's and early 90's. The pattern looks similar, even more so, no woman and children. Just men of military age.
If this is so, perhaps this is the final stage in the Iraq theater.






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