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Moonbats to Storm the White House Today


Today, March 15, is the day that the leftist moonbats from United for Peace and Justice said they were going to storm the White House and install its own moonbat goverment.

However, the original press release is now gone.

Gateway Pundit says the White House is preparing and Cheney has been called in for backup.

Stop the ACLU and Church and State are also following the moonbat coup.

Update: According to this site, the Storm the White House effort by the United for Peace and Justice has been rescheduled for March 20th.

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU


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Comments (5)

Another threat from the moo... (Below threshold)

Another threat from the moonbats -

and another failure.

They're probably not done w... (Below threshold)

They're probably not done with the drum circle yet. Give them time to get the proper "buzz" going and if they can remember, they'll start moving toward the White House!

Probably keep getting lost ... (Below threshold)

Probably keep getting lost since they keep on going to the left instead of the right.

Well duhhhh, it's ... (Below threshold)

Well duhhhh, it's the 15th. Ain't no action gonna happen on the 1st or 15th.. I'm sure they were busy..

Maybe they read the ashes f... (Below threshold)

Maybe they read the ashes from their bong, and got a prediction...
Beware the Ides of March....






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