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Mark Steyn on Why He is No Longer Published in Britain

Mark Steyn's column has been dropped by the London Telegraph and the Spectator, which means he's no longer being published in Britain.

Today he was interviewed on Hugh Hewitt's talk show and talked about his column as well as the current state of print media. Radio Blogger has the transcript. Here is some of the conversation:

HH: Now isn't this sort of suicidal behavior on the part of newspapers, Mark Steyn? And we'll take you out of it. But we just had a Pew report showing they're in terrible condition. Nobody cares about their in-house tubas that go on, boom, boom, boom on the old, same notes. They're killing themselves if they deny their readers what their readers want.

MS: Well you know, one of the things I find, and I'm sure you do, too, you travel a lot around the country. And the thing about American newspapers in particular, but it's also true of Canada and certain others, is that if you get off the plane at almost any airport on the continent, and you'll pick up the local paper which will be a monopoly daily, published by Gannett or some other similar company, and it will just have like the world's dullest comment page, the world's dullest op-ed page. This is a great riveting time of war, and say what you like about crazy folks on left or right, but there's a lot to say about it. And in fact, the newspapers, and their monopolies, have made them dull, and that's the danger, I think, in much of the United States, that you want someone, whether you agree with him or not, that you want something that will be riveting and thought-provoking. And some of these guys have been just holding down prime op-ed real estate for decades. It's amazing to me.

The blogosphere is more than happy to take the reins (correction) from the old, decrepit print media.


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Comments (3)

as soon as the spell checki... (Below threshold)

as soon as the spell checking kicks in ("reigns?" reins).

TC - think of the pun mater... (Below threshold)

TC - think of the pun material "Those who hold the reins, reign."

Likely unintentional, but worth a chuckle.

Huh? Black Sabbath and the ... (Below threshold)

Huh? Black Sabbath and the Sex Pistols as the summit of American culture? Whaa?






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