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Sick call

Last night, I did my bit for International Eat A Tasty Animal For PETA Day and had lotsa meat with my dinner -- including some kielbasa that I strongly suspect was a smidgen past its best-by date. I spent about 11 hours today purging the kielbasa and drinking tons of water, and I still feel like I got run over by a truck. I don't even have the energy to spend time in my computer chair, just my bed.

I did write one piece last night before bed that I messed up and didn't publish, so I'll try to get that one out soon. And in the meantime, think kind thoughts of my wrecked body.

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You know what's really good... (Below threshold)

You know what's really good when you have an upset tummy? Chili dogs. With beans. And mustard.

I bet you feel better already just thinking about it. You can thank me later.

Really??..chilli dogs???. I... (Below threshold)

Really??..chilli dogs???. I always heard a nice thick greasy pork sandwhich served next to an ash tray was a real fixer upper.

Ya learn somethin' new every day...burp..

TMI :-)... (Below threshold)

TMI :-)

Jay, you're like a PETA com... (Below threshold)

Jay, you're like a PETA commercial today. You do notice the irony....right?

Hmmm.When that hap... (Below threshold)


When that happens to me I always try and eat some Campbell's Tomato Soup but a spicy version. Add some chopped onions, 1 whole chopped japaleno (with seeds) and a few stalks of chopped Napa cabbage.

Let simmer for about 10 minutes and then drop in a dollop of heavy cream just prior to serving.

The heavy cream helps coat the stomach lining so the capscium doesn't further irritate the stomach lining. The spiciness from the jalapenos will basically run through your system and kill off all the bacteria in your guts and change your body's ph balance to inhibit bacterial growth.

IMHO this soup also helps for colds and most GI tract ailments.

"It's a good thing!"... (Below threshold)
bryan"martha stewart"D:

"It's a good thing!"

Kosciuszko's Revenge... wel... (Below threshold)

Kosciuszko's Revenge... well known in the Colonial States. You'll live.

I, too, follow the "chili route" to intestinal health, but the emphasis is on spicing up to the point of tears. Most intestinal parasites originate in the tropics. People in the tropics eat very spicy food to keep those parasites at bay.

That's about the only aspect of naturopathy I can bring myself to accept, but it definitely works for me.

I found that once I started... (Below threshold)

I found that once I started insulin therapy, I was sicker for longer periods of time when I'm either "food poisoned" or "alcohol poisoned." I stick to a two beer max, but the food poisoning is harder to avoid. I feel your pain brother.

Dude, been there done that.... (Below threshold)

Dude, been there done that. A stomach illness kept me in the bathroom every hour on the hour for 2 1/2 days a few months ago. I lost 19 pounds.

"purging the kielbasa"?... (Below threshold)

"purging the kielbasa"?

Dude, been there, done that... (Below threshold)

Dude, been there, done that. Don't buy meat on clearance sale!!!

Hope you feel better.






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