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Terrorist Chatter Reaches Pre-9/11 Levels

Terrorist chatter has reached pre-9/11 levels. Counterterrorism Blog is a great resource for information.

Fox News Channel is also reporting that Cox arena, a site for the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament, was evacuated after a bomb sniffing dog got a hit on something at or near a hotdog stand. Marquette and Alabama were expected to play in front of a full house today.

Last week the FBI warned about suggestions on the internet that arenas such as this one would be a great terrorist target.

Update: The arena officials just gave the all clear. Here's more on the evacuation.


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Comments (7)

That's just a ruse by the p... (Below threshold)

That's just a ruse by the pentaGOONS to draw attention away from their BIG GUNS in Samara. Those
idiots are sending a dozen "whaleboats" with big harpoons to catch sardines for dinner. Obviously
they will come back with no sardines, so sniffing
for make believe bombs is better headlines. Watch them come back in a few days and announce "success & victory",
albeit an empty one.

"...after a bomb sniffing d... (Below threshold)

"...after a bomb sniffing dog got a hit on something at or near a hotdog stand."

You'd think they'd feed those puppies before they take them on a search.

TRUTHURTS: OOOHHH YESSS! It... (Below threshold)

TRUTHURTS: OOOHHH YESSS! It's just all one big conspiracy. I'm sure with all your inferior wisdom, you could tell us all about it! chump!

Truthhurts: Did the NSA tap... (Below threshold)

Truthhurts: Did the NSA tap your phone too? (That clicking you heard were the rocks in your head - not the phone.) Man, talk about someone circling the airport... where do you come up with this crap?

Truthhurts,Been dr... (Below threshold)


Been drinking the bong water again?

"...the dog got a hit on so... (Below threshold)
bryan"martha stewart"D:

"...the dog got a hit on something at or near a hotdog stand."-----nitrates? nitrites? 30-fart cocktail? (sorry, day off!)

Squirrels 'chatter' too don... (Below threshold)

Squirrels 'chatter' too don't they?






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