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US & Iraqis in Largest Air Assault Since 2003

It's called Operation Swarmer and it's taking place in Samarra, the city where the golden dome was attacked:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- U.S. forces, joined by Iraqi troops, on Thursday launched the largest air assault since the U.S.-led invasion, targeting insurgent strongholds north of the capital, the military said.

The U.S. military said the offensive dubbed Operation Swarmer was aimed at clearing "a suspected insurgent operating area" northeast of Samarra and was expected to continue over several days.

"More than 1,500 Iraqi and Coalition troops, over 200 tactical vehicles, and more than 50 aircraft participated in the operation," the military statement said.

Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, was the site of a massive bombing against a Shiite shrine on Feb. 22 that touched off sectarian bloodshed that has killed more than 500 and injured hundreds more, threatening to push Iraq into civil war.

It is a key city in Salahuddin province, a major part of the so-called Sunni triangle where insurgents have been active since shortly after the U.S.-led invasion three years ago. Saddam Hussein was captured in the province, not far from its capital and his hometown, Tikrit.

Iraq's interim Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the attack had been necessary to prevent insurgents from forming a new stronghold such as they had established in Fallujah, west of Baghdad.

"After Fallujah and some of the operations carried out successfully in the Euphrates and Syrian border many of the insurgents moved to areas nearer to Baghdad," Zebari said on CNN. "They have to be pulled out by the roots."

During his daily press briefing, Scott McClellan just said that commanders on the ground made the decision to begin this assault and that President Bush didn't need to approve it, which the Washington Press Corp refuses to accept. They are all trying to assert that President Bush ordered this strike for political purposes.


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Comments (6)

I would bet that Bush told ... (Below threshold)

I would bet that Bush told them find something to bomb the shit out of. But he probably didn't do it for Clintonesque wag the dog reasons.

He did it because Iran is watching.

I'm getting kind of tired o... (Below threshold)

I'm getting kind of tired of the Washington press tryign to MAKE the news instead of REPORT the news. Any way to fire them all and get some high school newspaper kids in there that haven't forgotten that "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How" are the basics of the craft, instead of 'I think this is happening, so I'll dig out info that supports that and ignore everything else'?


Kinda seems like the timeta... (Below threshold)

Kinda seems like the timetable is a bit skewed:

May 2003: Mission Acomplished

October 2005: Strategy for Victory

November 2005: Plan For Victory

Today: Operation Swarmer

It IS the Party of Ideas! Lots and lots of ideas!!

Yoga - that's actually pret... (Below threshold)
Martin Hague:

Yoga - that's actually pretty funny.

Bush is totaly dumb you see. But he's also so smart he can direcct day-to-day operations in theater from his hardened tactical operations bunker in Crawford.

I wonder which it is, or is it both? Hello, liberals? Which is he? Too stupid to tie his own shoelaces, or a Machiavellian genius?

The Washington press are simply a bunch of Democratic activists dressed in reporter's costumes. Helen Thomas appears to think it's her role to debate the fine points of International Law (gasp, swoon) with Scott McLellan, rather than report the NEWS. I'd tell them all, we don't even RESPOND to questions that simply seek to make a political point, we will make only comments upon EVENTS.

#The fundamental change in ... (Below threshold)
one eye buck tooth [X^B:

#The fundamental change in U.S. policy, however, came several years later, in 1950, with the policy paper produced by Paul Nitze for the White House National Security Council, entitled "NSC-68."[6]
-- mr ho
March 16, 2006 @ 11:02 pm

Silly yoga.I alway... (Below threshold)

Silly yoga.

I always love those liberal timelines. It's as if they still believe we are fighting against Saddam and his forces. The WAR ended a very long time ago against Iraq. It's the insurgents that we are fighting now...terrorists from other countries..not any sort of Iraqi Army. Try and get your facts straight if you can still remember what a FACT is.






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