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Some Things You Blog Just For The Headline II

Flying Cow Leaves Two Police Cars in Flames

That's one we'll never see again.

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That'd be a helluva tactica... (Below threshold)

That'd be a helluva tactical op to impliment on our southern borders.....well, mayhaps not.

"Best. Headline. ... (Below threshold)
"Best. Headline. Evar."
That made my Friday morning, Paul!
Actually, given this is hap... (Below threshold)

Actually, given this is happening in Texas, I suspect we will see it again.

This reminds me of the Russian cow bombers. Seems some Russian's spotted a cow by the side of the airfield in Siberia. Deciding to augment their rations in the post-gcommunist Russian air force, they brought the cow onto their transport. Said cow decided flying coach was not fun and started to complain. Fearing the loss of the plane, they pushed the cow out the back.

We now turn to a Japanese insurance company which declined to pay for the loss of a Japanese fishing trawler that was sunk by what the crew claimed was a cow that fell out of no where. The insurance company felt there must be fraud involved in the claim as the means of losing the ship did not pass common sense.

When the two storys were put together, my understanding is that the insurance company paid up.

It this for real or a scene... (Below threshold)

It this for real or a scene from Smokey and the Bandit ?

Is that Ye At Another? Anyw... (Below threshold)

Is that Ye At Another? Anyways, you can only beat Paul's post if you have a link for that story.

I was very disappointed to hear the cow did not directly cause the cruisers to burst into flame. Another case of the MSM using a headline that misrepresents the story. I am surprised you haven't added that to your categories ;-) for this post.

Gee. Can't cows just be sa... (Below threshold)

Gee. Can't cows just be satisfied by jumping over the moon?

If I found it necessary to ... (Below threshold)

If I found it necessary to leave two police cars, I'd choose to do it in disguise.






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