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Mike Malloy Calls Our Troops Murderers

Expose the Left has an audio clip of Mike Malloy who went on a hate-America/hate-the-troops diatribe on his radio show last night. He made some really outrageous and horrible statements:

MIKE MALLOY: This is a murder trip, this is murder. How can we, you and me, how can we, is it getting harder for you to, if you're a man, to stand infront of the mirror like I do in the morning and shave? You have to look at yourself for about seven to eight minutes, right? If you're a woman, whatever you do infront of the mirror, is it getting harder?

...I'm becoming numb, are you? I mean, the outrage is still inside me, but how much outrage can you maintain 24/7 before you become numb? You say Jesus Christ, I can't think about this anymore, I just can't...

...This is not a war. There is nothing honorable. Do you agree with me on that? There is nothing honorable about what we're doing. There is no honor here. There is no honor for the United States, there is no honor for our troops, there is no honor for the military leadership, there is no honor here in what we're doing in Iraq. None. None. Every--not a bit.

If he really believes this crap, does he have the nerve to say these things to our troops in person, to their faces? Or does he only have the nerve to make these accusations when he's safely entrenched in his radio studio?

And he of course whips out the Bush-is-Hitler card:

MALLOY: This is on a level with the Hitlerian attitudes towards the Jews and towards the Russians. This is just butchery, this is just murder, my God.

Malloy also makes the unbelievable accusation that our troops are participating in "war pornography," pedaling photos of dead bodies on the internet. Of course, he doesn't back up his accusation with proof. He references a link but refuses to give it because he claims it's too pornographic.

Is it any surprise that Air America is a sinking ship?


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Comments (16)

Too bad enough people are l... (Below threshold)

Too bad enough people are listening to them to report on what crap they are producing.

The irony to all this is th... (Below threshold)

The irony to all this is that the same people who are saying this crap, wouldn't give it a second thought if it was Democratic President doing it.

This doesn't surprise me. ... (Below threshold)

This doesn't surprise me. Have you ever heard Malloy? Whoooeee, he is one seriously deranged moonbat, and no mistake. He makes Randi Rhodes look like the paragon of calm, reasoned discourse. I wonder if sometimes even the Air America programming directors cringe when Mike starts ranting.

For Malloy, though, calling the troops murderers is probably one of the more milder accusations he regularly makes.

Never heard of Malloy. But ... (Below threshold)

Never heard of Malloy. But I do agree that air bombings could be construed as murder, if that is what he is referring to.

When you Know that every time you bomb in civilian areas that innocent people will be killed - that's murder.

jpm: most liberals don't find this war honorable, so it wouldn't be that crazy to assume a liberal candidate saying "there is no honor" would be accepted. I mean Dean, who has been way more correct in his assesment of the war than any single person in the Bush administration, was embraced.

Just FYI - that 'war pornog... (Below threshold)

Just FYI - that 'war pornography' site did (and probably still does) exist.

"Apparently members of the US Armed Forces stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan were sending in pictures of dead enemy combatants for free membership to an amateur porn site.

This broke back in August or Sept of last year. Google "war pornography" and you'll find the link. I remember hearing about it on quite a few blogs back then.

Not that it makes Mike Malloy any less of a moonbat - but credit where it's due. That, at least, was true.

On second thought, if he ac... (Below threshold)

On second thought, if he actually said "pedaling them' - partially true. What they were doing was trading them to the site in return for access - the site was (is?) the one actually posting them (and presumably making money from them).

Who is Mike Malloy?<... (Below threshold)

Who is Mike Malloy?

The only good communist is ... (Below threshold)

The only good communist is a dead communist.
Malloy if he had any sense of decency would make himself a good communist. In an environmentally, Gaea friendly fashion.
But then again if he had a sense of decency he wouldn't be a communist. As for Randi Rhodes, what a shrill, nasty bitch! Years ago when she was on a local am station down here I tried to listen but could not listen for more than 5 minutes. Never mind that she is a flake but her voice, it's like nails on a chalkboard. Forget politics what on earth can any programmer be thinking of when they hire her?

Speaking of air bombings that could be construed as murder, where on the pantheon of mass murderers would a good liberal place the Gods of the Democratic Party FDR and Harry S Truman? or Woodrow Wilson, another liberal Democrat who's complete naval blockade of Germany led to the starvation of millions of Germans in the first world war?
The Democrats, traitors in 1861, traitors in 1971, traitors today. There is no honor in treason.

Hitlerian attitudes towards... (Below threshold)

Hitlerian attitudes towards the Jews? Uh, isn't the United States one of Israel's staunchest allies???? Judas Priest, what is this guy smoking??

I mean Dean, who has bee... (Below threshold)

I mean Dean, who has been way more correct in his assesment of the war than any single person in the Bush administration, was embraced.


Dean the prophet? You're talking about Howard Dean, right? You mean, the Dem who makes Karl Rove smile every time he opens his mouth? Yeah, tell me another one! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Malloy, another pseudo-inte... (Below threshold)

Malloy, another pseudo-intellectual without a clue who has never done anything, been anywhere or contributed to anyone. To insignificant to stand on his own he can only define hinmself as an anti-something.

It's no wonder he has trouble looking at himself in the mirror.

Dean, right about the war? Wow. Talk about the disconnect to reality. But then again, being a collosal failure and a 100% track record of being on the wrong side of every major event for the past 40 years is pretty much the hallmark of a leader for the left.

Never heard of Malloy.</... (Below threshold)

Never heard of Malloy.

And this is precisely why AAR is just limping along with barely measurable audience. If lefties such as jp2, the natural "base audience" of moonbat talk radio, have no idea who one of the AAR mainstays is, there's not much hope AAR can ever hope to substantially increase their market share.

Either that or jp2 really has heard of Malloy, only is pretending not to because he no desire to be in any way, shape, or form, associated with such a despicable crapweasel. Quite frankly, I don't blame him.

Great work!<a href="... (Below threshold)
Bush is the murderer,along ... (Below threshold)

Bush is the murderer,along with his v.p.,
and the rest of this criminol zionist bootlicking
cabal of cowards.This war has benn in planning for years.The pnac (www.pnac.info) boys started this war for the luciferian
illuminati. Think that I am nuts do you?.
Just check out the facts for yourselfs.
Good place to start is at www.rbnlive.com.
God Bless America,
Death to the New World Order.

Oh yeah, you need to approv... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, you need to approve my comments, uh!
I forgot, for you guys like for morons like Limbaugh, O' reilly and Coulter, the 1st amendment is not really in use. People who disagree cant' attend, same technique used by the moron in chief in La Casa Blanca.

I listened very well to eve... (Below threshold)
Stephen Pope:

I listened very well to everything that Mike Malloy said concerning President Bush,The war in Iraq and all of his comments on the Tuesday Air America Radio Program of 6/20/06 and must say,this man is,to say the least,a very disturbed individual.I am a Liberal Democrat but I don't Blame everything on Conservative Republicans.We are a Democracy and we work together as Americans.A lesson to be learned by Mike Malloy is that "United We Stand,Divided We Fall"I much prefer to listen to Alan Coombs,My kind of American!






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