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My near-brushes with semi-greatness

This weekend, I had a couple of close encounters with WRKO. On Saturday, Howie Carr was autographing his book on the Bulger Brothers in Salem from 11-2. I showed up with my copy at 1:00, but they had already closed the line. Didn't even get to see him, let alone get him to pose for a picture with Mr. Duckie. Shoulda got there earlier...

Then, on Sunday night, I got to chat briefly with the excellent guys at Pundit Review, on their weekly show. (Normally, I don't miss my weekly date with Teri Hatcher et. al, but I worked late and was driving home.) They've had Michael Yon on several times, and put a HELL of a lot more into fighting for him when the Army hijacked one of his photos than I did -- a fight that Yon won. They were discussing the Iraq War on its 3rd anniversary, and I managed to kick in my one cents on it. They were really on a tear, going after the anti-war nuts (like Cindy Sheehan), the media, and a couple moonbat callers. They also gave me an idea or two for future pieces -- thanks, Kevin and Gregg.

All in all, not too bad a weekend, considering my internet is still buggy and I'm not quite over that bug that laid me out last Thursday.

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I was there and got an auto... (Below threshold)

I was there and got an autograph on each of two books. I'm reading it now and love it! Why didn't you go to Nashua?

Teri Hatcher et al were a r... (Below threshold)

Teri Hatcher et al were a repeat. You didn't miss much.... sounds like it was a far more productive use of your time.

Of course, if you're also watching Grey's Anatomy, that was new, and good tonight!







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