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New Fashion in Cairo

Jimmy's Corner tells of the new fashion in Cairo: swastikas.

Wherever you walk in Cairo, you gonna see something strange... something new! But that guy in the picture really drew my attention to some new kind of ignorance. I was standing near my university campus when I saw this guy. He had long hair, wore a white t-shirt with the word Nazis on the back and the front of the t-shirt, with the sign as you see. I just wanted to talk to him about it...

Me: Hello, nice shirt.
Him: Thanks (then turning his face away to the mobile in his hand)
Me: May I ask you a question?
Him: (With a who-is-that-freak face) Yeah
Me: You like the sign on the shirt?
Him: It looks stylish.
Me: (laughing) Sure you know what it really is?
Him: (Bored) Hitler's sign.
Me: Nazi sign... You know if Nazis were here you could have been dead?
Him: (anger starting taking over) I am not a Jew, fellow!
Me: But you are not an Aryan, so you are inferior, so you are, according to them, a slave minor being.
Him: What's an Aryan??
Me: (Eyes wide open) Umm.. oh nothing... thanks man!
Him: OK.

Never wonder when you see some bearded devout-Muslim-like fellow wearing a satanic t-shirt. Simply he does not know.

Rantings of a Sandmonkey responds:

As expected, the guy didn't even know what it meant, or understood that Hitler would've slaughterd arabs as equally as he did jews. He just knew it was Hitler's sign, and that he hated the jews, so I guess he wore it in solidarity or something. What did the jews ever do to him? Don't ask. He just hates them. They do, after all, control the world and the reason for all of his problems. After all, this is what his parents, his teachers and the local imam tell him.


Egypt has a long way to go man. A long way to go.


Hat tip: LGF

Comments (3)

Ugh! Plenty of muslim Nazis... (Below threshold)

Ugh! Plenty of muslim Nazis. Waffen SS units. Bosnian, Albanian ,more. Mostly non-arab. Of Aryan heritage. Since 1945 known as Indo-European. (Iran means Aryan.) I hope you didn't copy Jimmy's test! Jimmy's DUNCE Corner: stay far, far awa-a-ay...

The Aryan myth, distorted f... (Below threshold)

The Aryan myth, distorted first by 19th century hacks, then Hitler, and now bryanD. Interesting group...

Arafat's uncle was a Nazi s... (Below threshold)

Arafat's uncle was a Nazi sympathizer. He was the Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem. Why are we surprised to see swastika's in Arab countries? Numerous Nazis went to Egypt after WW2 to help the Egyptian military. Birds of a feather flock together.






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