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Prophets without honor

Earlier today, I looked at some of the statements of the anti-war crowd and compared their accounts of history with actual facts -- and found them sorely wanting. Well, in a similar vein, Gateway Pundit has taken a look at past predictions of anti-war folks. It turns out that they're just as bad at predicting the future as accounting for the past.

At one point do their followers stop acting like complacent sheep and actually hold them accountable for their lies, their misstatmeltns, their repeated out-and-out wrongness?

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What did you expect from mo... (Below threshold)

What did you expect from moral and intellectual cretins?

Not to pick at nits, Jay, a... (Below threshold)

Not to pick at nits, Jay, as I dig your scribin', today:

"misstatmeltns" ?

I'd leave it up, if only for the irony of the commment.

And one could continue dome... (Below threshold)

And one could continue domestically with the Democrats.... (e.g. 'the jobless recovery' rhetoric of early '04 to today's 4.8% unemployment rate ... tying this post to this post.

- MikeB






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