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Today's the Day...Again


The moonbats from United for Peace and Justice postponed their coup from March 15 to today, March 20. Interestingly, UPJ removed their original press release and now it has this one its site instead.

Quite a difference in tone and action.

Michelle Malkin is heading into DC for a little moonbat watching.

Update: Ed Morrissey is blogging about UPJ's protest as well.

Update II: Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston of Junkyard Blog are back from covering the UPJ's protest. In a word, it was a bust (no one can be surprised by this). Only 100 people showed up, including Cindy Sheehan whom Michelle interviewed. Take a look at the photos at Michelle's site. Bryan will have video of the event soon, and I will provide a link as soon as it's available.

Update III: Bryan at Junkyard Blog has the video from the protest up on his site now. Be sure to check it out. Michelle interveiws Cindy Sheehan and asks her about this issue.

Comments (6)

Uh OH! When "people" invade... (Below threshold)

Uh OH! When "people" invade his "space", President goes "Boom"! Will it be: His Bike? His Treadmill? A Locked Door? The Rug?

Bushitler ought have the DC... (Below threshold)

Bushitler ought have the DC cops shoot them in the ass with shotguns firing rock salt. Give the commie scum something to mourn about. If your gonna be a fascist might as well be a good one.

Well I already see two moon... (Below threshold)

Well I already see two moonbats that won't be attending today's coup. But I can understand why, two people plus the three others that show up -don't make much of a coup.

Hmmm.Life of Brian... (Below threshold)


Life of Brian, scene 21:

Right. Now, uh, item four: attainment of world supremacy within the next five years. Uh, Francis, you've been doing some work on this.
Yeah. Thank you, Reg. Well, quite frankly, siblings, I think five years is optimistic, unless we can smash the Roman empire within the next twelve months.
Twelve months?
Yeah, twelve months. And, let's face it. As empires go, this is the big one, so we've got to get up off our arses and stop just talking about it!
Hear! Hear!
I agree. It's action that counts, not words, and we need action now.
Hear! Hear!
You're right. We could sit around here all day talking, passing resolutions, making clever speeches. It's not going to shift one Roman soldier!
So, let's just stop gabbing on about it. It's completely pointless and it's getting us nowhere!
I agree. This is a complete waste of time.


I have a simple solution. A... (Below threshold)

I have a simple solution. Announce publicly that, in addition to his duties in the Senate, Dick Cheney will now also be personally patrolling the White House grounds.


I wonder if High Times will... (Below threshold)

I wonder if High Times will send Russell Putnam: INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER to cover the story...

He'll just get lost of forget why he is there!






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