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Bush Presser Round Up

I am so disappointed that I missed President Bush's press conference. From what I've read he was on fire, particularly with his handling of Helen Thomas.

Here's a round up of reaction in the blogosphere:

Mary Katharine Ham calls the press conference Hilarity with Helen. She includes the transcript of Bush's interaction with Helen.

Expose the Left has the video of Helen at the height of her moonbattiness.

Byron York at The Corner offers his impressions.

Mark at Rightsided reacts to the "President's Presser."

Demonrats says Helen can't help it...she's senile.


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Comments (12)

Brilliant move to call on t... (Below threshold)

Brilliant move to call on that old hag (may her soul burn in the hot place...) she gave him a moonbat softball and he hit a grand slam

BTW, with my trackback, I c... (Below threshold)

BTW, with my trackback, I caught CNN doctoring the transcript vis a vis the Bush/Thomas exchange

So as I see it, He went to ... (Below threshold)

So as I see it, He went to war in Iraq because Afghanistan was providing safe haven for Al-queda.

Bush: ....we will do everything in our power to protect our people.

Part of that meant to make sure that we didn't allow people to provide safe haven to an enemy, and that's why I went into Iraq.

Hold on for a second. Excuse me for a second, please. Excuse me for a second. They did. The Taliban provided safe haven for Al Qaida.

In my estimation Bush's grand slam is missing two bacon strips, two sausage links, and two pancakes. What's left? You got it: a plate full of scrambled reasoning.

In the end Bush was able to put one coherent argument forward: that 1441 was the reason. The reason for this coherence is that Bush omitted any use of the term "any(all) necessary means" while using the term "serious consequences." Bravo, President Bush.

Kudos as well on this gem:

And the world said, "Disarm, disclose or face serious consequences." And therefore, we worked with the world. We worked to make sure that Saddam Hussein heard the message of the world.

This, while discussing a "seized" UN body and security council which overwhelmingly rebuffed Bush's call to immediate war.

"Worked with the world" indeed, Mr. Bush. Thanks be to God that we were effortlessly able to swap numerous NATO allies for a new world alliance containing the fearsome Micronesia and, the logistical superpower, UAE.

Helen Thomas's question was initially fumbled and then answered in a fashion gooberish enough to make Jim Neighbors blush.

"No President wants war"</p... (Below threshold)

"No President wants war"


"Bring em on"


"Bring em on"I bel... (Below threshold)

"Bring em on"

I believe that was after the war started.

Jefferson is a typical moon... (Below threshold)

Jefferson is a typical moonbat he just lacks focus. What the Pres. said and has been saying since 9-11 "either you are with us or with the terrorists" it was obvious which side Iraq was on, The moonbats just aren't used to a president doing what he said he was going to do.

"Bring em on." That is wha... (Below threshold)

"Bring em on." That is what John Kerry said.

Robert:Ah, so thos... (Below threshold)


Ah, so those who were not "with us" (1/2 of NATO) are now ideologically paired with Iraq. brilliant.

While were on the topic of barnyard bravado....tell me this.

(considering he's maintained diplomatic channels with N. Korea for the last 6 years)

Is Bush a sissy or a hypocrite?

Keep waving your foam finger...pay no attention to the carcasses around you.

W calling on Helen was a br... (Below threshold)

W calling on Helen was a brilliant and probably preplanned move based on how he handled her easily and the coverage it has gotten since.

He got to make his point against the least possible coherent resistance.

Yup, W is stupid.

This is cruel and unusual -... (Below threshold)

This is cruel and unusual - but my first thought last night, upon seeing Helen Thomas filling my television screen, was "Oh, man - she makes Janet Reno look like one of the Pussycat Dolls". Keep the Helen comments coming - VERY entertaining - but please, for the love of Pete - keep that trigger finger off the zoom :)

That was an absolutely ent... (Below threshold)

That was an absolutely entertaining briefing and video.. He spankydoodledandied that Sea Hagg all the way to the Halls of montezuma..

Ohh and Margie , nothing co... (Below threshold)

Ohh and Margie , nothing could make planet janet look good accept a paper bag..






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