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Child Sex Charges Dropped Against Teacher Debra LaFave

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Charges against Debra LaFave, the the 25-year-old Tampa teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student, were dropped by prosecutors in Marion County, Florida after a judge rejected a proposed plea agreement. From The St. Petersburg Times:

TAMPA - A few hours after an Ocala judge refused to accept a plea deal, Marion County prosecutors announced that they were dropping all charges against Debra Lafave, the former middle school teacher accused of sexual assault of a student nearly two years ago.

"The court may be willing to risk the victim's well being in this case in order to force it to trial, I am not,'' said Ric Ridgway, chief assistant state attorney in Marion County.

Earlier Tuesday, Marion County Judge Hale R. Stancil had rejected a plea deal that would have spared Lafave jail time in exchange for pleading guilty.

"Accepting the proposed plea agreement would undermine the credibility of this court, and the criminal justice system as a whole, and would erode public confidence in our schools," Judge Stancil wrote in the order released Tuesday.

Marion County prosecutors then decided to drop the charges.

Debra LaFave did not escape punishment completely. In November 2005 LaFave plead guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery in Hillsborough County in exchange for a sentence of three years of house arrest and seven years probation. That guilty plea also required her to register as a sex offender, but she did escape any prison time. Prosecutors agreed to the plea bargain after the family of the victim implored them to find a way for the now 16-year-old boy to avoid what was destined to become a media circus. LaFave had faced up to 40 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Today's action in Marion County, where she faced similar charges, ends the case for LaFave, who is now engaged to her high school sweetheart Andrew Beck.

It also marks a chance for the victim and his family to somehow find their way back to normal.

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Comments (59)

We need to start a Playboy ... (Below threshold)

We need to start a Playboy pool on this gal.

I don't understand why she ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

I don't understand why she would be charged in two counties. Isn't that double jeopardy?

It's not double jeopardy i... (Below threshold)

It's not double jeopardy if it's two separate crimes. I'm guessing there were multiple instances of their activity in more than one county, thus each county was charging them with separate crimes. I.e. the "snipers" in the DC area a few years ago. They were spread over a few states, so if they got acquitted, say, in Virginia, they could have still been prosecuted in Maryland.

And Kevin, I think the ship has already sailed on any chance of "normal".

Proud - the answer to you... (Below threshold)
Rodney A Stanton:

Proud - the answer to your question is that in this case as in that of Sandra "Beth" Geisel there were many rape victims. In this case the rapes covered most of Fla. So there could be many counties having many trials; were it not for the famous American double standard relating to men/women.

Poor kid , lucky kid,poor ... (Below threshold)

Poor kid , lucky kid,poor kid, lucky kid.. wait this is sick..

The Registered Sex Offender... (Below threshold)

The Registered Sex Offender part is a bona fide bitch. I just buy the cookies now.

It's disgusting.Im... (Below threshold)

It's disgusting.

Imagine if it was a male teacher and a female student and people were thinking, but... he's *hot*...

Why is it so wrong when it's a priest, huh?

Shame, SHAME on the judge w... (Below threshold)

Shame, SHAME on the judge who wouldn't accept the mother's request that this not go to trial to spare her son, even after the shrink said it would further traumatize him!! The sick pedophile bitch didn't get what was coming to her because of the judge's stubborn stupidity and lack of concern for the victim.

People should take a good long look at the photos showing how gorgeous this sex offender is, this woman who could have had ANY man and instead chose a child; next time a famous man is accused of rape and people start saying "he wouldn't rape anyone, because he could sleep with any woman he wanted," REMEMBER.


This peice of living vermin... (Below threshold)

This peice of living vermin should be thrown into prison without a key. She should be treated no differently than any man who would do such, this pervert.

She pretty in a blank sort ... (Below threshold)

She pretty in a blank sort of way. Not much upstairs, I reckon.

I really wonder if it was r... (Below threshold)

I really wonder if it was really a rape.

Someone wrote in discontent... (Below threshold)

Someone wrote in discontent, "...The sick pedophile bitch didn't get what was coming to her because of the judge's stubborn stupidity and lack of concern for the victim."

I feel your pain, however I too would have drilled my extention very deep within her vaginal linings without prejudice. Please understand the following: it's not about justice, it's not about the judge's decision, it's all about getting another Blonde bitch to pose for Playboy or Penthouse.

Capitalism is alive in America ... earn your living bitch; you've earned it!

That is all

Hear ye Hear ye ... (Below threshold)

Hear ye Hear ye let us vote to burn this demon seed at the stake..after all , shes way more of a threat to you than Dubya or saddam ,osama could ever be right ?

I can't believe poor old Gr... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

I can't believe poor old Greta and Nancy and Matt and Katie and Geraldo and the rest of them are getting fucked out of a trial like this, is there to be no one left unsullied?

Oh man! I wish she was my ... (Below threshold)

Oh man! I wish she was my teacher in middle school! It is much different when its a male teacher and female student. But, hell I would feel lucky if I was that kid!

Yes, of course, let's be se... (Below threshold)

Yes, of course, let's be serious. All of us guys wish she where our teacher when we were trying to get the hell past high school. What a great learning experience.

25 and 16, not so bad really. Historically, one wonders what the problem is that the chicks here are complaing about really. She's cute, yes, is that it? Blondes have more fun, and some wannabes resent it?

And if this had been a male... (Below threshold)

And if this had been a male teacher involved with a female student, I'm sure it would've ended the same way.


So much for equality of the sexes.

You guys can all make fun o... (Below threshold)

You guys can all make fun of this, but I have a question that bothers me. The judge chose not to accept the plea becuase it did not involve jail time (good for him). The prosecutor decides to drop the case to not further damage the victim. But, in doing so, let's the rapist go free.

My question: how in the hell could the prosecutor let it get to this point? How could he not anticipate this knowing the circumstances of the case, the national exposure and the plain and simple fact that this particular judge would not go along with it based on past experience or just what has happened so far?

There are many cases like this that go to trial without the minor victim having to take the stand.

This was screwed up all the way around.

The only person that did his job correctly was the defense attorney and I hope that I never meet someone like that -- scumbag.

This chick gave a horribly pathetic speech trying to come off as another victim -- so glad she's not teaching anymore, her ability to put together a cogent thought sounded to be below the level that she was teaching.

It's all just pathetic.

The chicks are jealous?... (Below threshold)

The chicks are jealous?

Maybe the mothers are furious, because we're not a teenaged boy on hormonal overload and so can see past our dicks to the emotional consequences and the betrayal of trust and authority involved.

Was it rape? Did someone actually ask that question? Is it *rape* when a girl is paid attention to by an older man? You can bet that *she* feels very special. *She* feels very beautiful. She feels very adult to have the attention of a *man* instead of a pubescent troglodyte. Be sure of it. More often than not girls feel that way when it's their own father.

Because young people are easy to screw with.

Is it rape? Yes. That's why we have statuatory rape laws. That's why we don't say, "But the gym teacher is HOT, what girl wouldn't love to bang him?" We protect children because they *need* to be protected.

If she wasn't a teacher it would still be rape, but because she is a teacher there's the added element of betrayal of trust. She's supposed to be trustworthy to be around children.

And as someone else pointed out... she's beautiful. She could have nearly any man she wanted but she *chose* a child (or many of them, as the case may be.) I guess women predators are like men in this, that they chose occupations that keep them close to children.

McCain... he's 16 *now*. I have a son just turned 15. Mature is not a word that applies, no matter what boys like to think about themselves.

In fact, I'd like to suggest to you a**holes that if you want to get laid you should target girls between 12 and 14 years old. They are easy to manipulate. Just think what a man you'd be if you screwed little girls.

Look, when I was between 12... (Below threshold)

Look, when I was between 12 and 14, I certainly did the honorable thing and targeted chicks in the same age group. I can honorably say that I targeted them a whole heck of a lot. Perhaps you were not in the cool group, but I'm still not understanding the problem here. If the older babes would have taken a liking to innocent ole me, I'm fairly sure that I would have strongly considered trading up like every other male. This is America, dammit, hear me roar.

It is scary to see her in t... (Below threshold)

It is scary to see her in the dream :)

24/16 isn't so far apart. ... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

24/16 isn't so far apart. I've always thought the 18-year minimum to be nothing more than a prudish Victorian-era throw-back.

Kind of ironic that it's "sick and perverted" because a state decides that you're not mature enough to have sex until you're 18. Go to another state or country, and it's all of a sudden normal, no calling out the national guard or anything...

Based on my own youth, I've always thought that 16 to be a better choice for a minimum age. Many countries (including the UK) agree with this. The US federal age of consent is still 16 as well. Some states, like Mississippi, have a 16 year old minimum age, but that applies only to a partner that is less than two years older than them till they're 18. Then there's Canada, which last I looked, had a 14 year old minimum age. I guess it gets cold up there.

Men should be outraged if o... (Below threshold)

Men should be outraged if only for the complete double-standard. A 25 year old man would be tossed in jail.

Women are not outside of this either. This is where your women's rights movement has gotten you. A woman with a hot body and a pretty face, banging her way to freedom...

She could at least have been sentenced to appear in Penthouse, the "Girls of the Cell Block" edition. Lots of room for 'creativity' there.

Trauma? What trauma? When I... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

Trauma? What trauma? When I was 14 I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven if a looker like Debra had seduced me.
That kid's traumacame from being found out and having the good times end.

She gets off because the me... (Below threshold)

She gets off because the media would use this to sell deodorant? Would that argument fly if the sexes were reversed?

I hope not. Maybe if they had pursued the case the public would finally get fed up and demand that the media report more newsworthy events and leave these people some dignity.

Then again, maybe pigs can fly. The media will find some other worthless tripe to portray as news. Think about that as you fiddle with your remote - your decision affects whether perps go free.

While I agree that calling ... (Below threshold)

While I agree that calling it trauma is a bit of a stretch (a lot of a stretch) -

Adults seducing kids is bad. Did that boy understand the potential consequences of his actions? He was being used - he was a toy.

And teachers seducing students is worse.

I gotta throw in with McCai... (Below threshold)

I gotta throw in with McCain and Charles Bannerman on this one: when I was in middle school, I would have given parts of my anatomy to have had a hottie teacher like her trying to seduce me. Any guy who says he wouldn't have is either a liar or, um, confused about some things.

Is what she did legal? No.

Moral? No.

Is there a huge double standard here? You betcha.

But I think that I can live with it.

the judge also probably got... (Below threshold)

the judge also probably got lucky at a young age.

There is a documentary bein... (Below threshold)

There is a documentary being made about Lafave.. www.afterschooldocumentary.com At least someone is doing something about this.

Hmmm.... ... (Below threshold)


... You can bet that *she* feels very special. *She* feels very beautiful. She feels very adult to have the attention of a *man* instead of a pubescent troglodyte. Be sure of it. More often than not girls feel that way when it's their own father.

Frankly I've run into situations like this many times over the years. This isn't some sort of ego-boasting nonsense where I proclaim my manliness or something. It can be a very serious situation when a young girl in her teens decides that she's going to try out being an adult with you. Besides I'm 41 now so I'm past this point, I hope. At least it hasn't been the problem it was when I was 24.

From my experience, on the other side of the gender divide, there comes a point where a young teen girl wants to experiment on how she would fare as an adult. The object, as near as I can determine, isn't to succeed into getting a man into bed, but to flap her wings so to speak and experience the thrill of a forbidden chase.

That it can end very badly for all parties involved doesn't come into the equation for her. Not of out ignorance, but because it's simply not important at that moment. On the other hand the legalities of this sort of thing are extremely important for the older man.

But this sort of thing does happen so it can't be discounted.

Yeah, whatever.The... (Below threshold)

Yeah, whatever.

There's people who claim that sex with *young* children doesn't hurt anyone either.

She's a scum bucket.

Pure and simple.

I got to go with the other ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I got to go with the other guys on this one. When I was this kid's age a hot babe old enough to drive and buy booze would have been the ultimate gift. Now you have to win the lottery to get a 20 something babe to take a second look.

Anyone who thinks a normal 15 year-old boy is traumatized is such a relationship is drinking too much of the modern psychology cool aid. Yes it's a double standard, but it's one nature gave us.

Bottom like, the boy's life wasn't damaged by the relation ship, and I'm not willing to destroy the women's life to make some political point about equality. I figure that's compassionate conservativism in action. If any damage was done to the boy, it was done by the legal system.

Synova said, much further u... (Below threshold)

Synova said, much further up:

Imagine if it was a male teacher and a female student and people were thinking, but... he's *hot*...

I'm not saying this to be a smart ass, but I've often wondered, what if the pedo in question was or looked like Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom?
Looking at this teacher, it is mostly, if not all, guys saying she;s hot, he was willing, maybe it's not rape. But if it was a sexy guy, would more women follow the same logic?

"She's a scum bucket. Pure ... (Below threshold)

"She's a scum bucket. Pure and simple."

Sure, but a more common word to use is "easy." And that's what boys appreciate at that bashful age.

Anyway, I thought we were concerned about his emotional fragility rather than her problem. Honestly, would you care so much about her if she wasn't so amazingly hot and blonde?

I am a little concerned about the psychological damage done to all the other boys at that school, who now realize what they might have achieved in return for an apple, a little pinch on the ass, or other small effort. Consider their feelings too, please.

So... when are you going to... (Below threshold)

So... when are you going to start going after 14 year olds, McCain? They'd "appreciate" the attention of an older man, too, you know. Consider their feelings, won't you?

Would I care if she wasn't prettier than a movie star? And blond?

90% of my high school was blond. It was amazing we could tell each other apart. Blond is about as interesting as a luke warm glass of water. I'm blond, my sibs were all blond, my cousins are blond. My kids are blond. My nephews are blonder than my kids. For people who don't have blond genes, there's blond from a bottle.

Girls and boys, particularly in the first years of puberty are easy to manipulate, but they don't tend to consider what happens to them abuse. Even if it's same sex adult and 12 year old boy, the chances of the kid even realizing that he's been played is slim. If it's a 12 year old girl, she thinks she's special. No one expects these kids to have the maturity to realize that they are in an absolutely subordinate situation. (And don't we all just love being subordinate? This is something we tell people they should want, right? This is something that is good for them, right?) But we *do* expect adults to realize this and we *do* hold them responsible.

Or that's the idea anyhow.

SCSIwuzzy, pretty much by d... (Below threshold)

SCSIwuzzy, pretty much by definition statuatory rape involves a *willing* victim. The law and common sense says that at some point a person isn't competent to consent. Since the law can't deal entirely with individuals we chose ages. 16 might be a little high, so how about 15? 14? 13? 12? Anyone physically mature? Some girls hit menses at 10 or even 9 years old.

I *don't* think women would change their minds if the guy was really sexy, because it's not about sexy it's about consent. Being extra good looking just makes the exchange that much more unequal. I don't have to be a feminist (and I generally consider myself not to be) to recognize that an adult man who bangs little girls is not a good man. He isn't looking for a person he's looking for gratification. She's no more important, in fuction, than his right hand. And that's what she learns about herself.

Being treated that way *matters* in the long run, even if at the time the kid thinks it's great.

These folks wishing it was them... If they did BDSM, would they be a sub? Do they think of themselves as subs? Do they think that if they were 14 and some 25 year or older hottie took interest that they'd get to drive?

Maybe in their fevered hormonal mind, but not in real life.

Yeah yea, but stop comparin... (Below threshold)

Yeah yea, but stop comparing girls to boys. There is a logical double-standard, a product of genetics and the fact that actions have unequal consequences.

You are seemingly unaware that the age of consent varies by state. It actually IS 14 in some states. You do have to draw the line somewhere, but it is drawn differently and arbitrarily everywhere.

And since we draw these lines arbitrarily, surely you will agree that the line would best be different for boys and girls. Boys like a little romp in the hay, and that just never changes.

Mac Lorry is right on ! ... (Below threshold)

Mac Lorry is right on ! You cant rape the willing and quit trying to protect this young man from his fantasy ..haha Heck my mother was younger than this kid and it was,nt considered rape and all this other stuff. Pretty blondes always get the venom running among other women.

My friend Tom used to brag ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

My friend Tom used to brag about making it with another friend's mother when he was 12. I'm not suggesting that's something society should promote, but it goes against my sense of justice to lock some women up for many years because she had sex with a willing 14 year-old boy. The only damage the boy suffered was withdrawal symptoms (no pun intended). I'm all for equality of the sexes, but not to the point of being blind to the differences. Marion County prosecutors did the right thing, but the next victim of a similarly incident could find herself in prison for a long time. The law should be changed to allow any sentences to reflect the real damage done, not the psychobabble in place now.

Why keep mentioning girls..... (Below threshold)

Why keep mentioning girls... because they mature earlier than boys. A couple of years earlier at least. Yet people agree that they are injured in similar situations, even though they were willing participants.

But not boys. Apparently they don't have long term relationship issues or sexual identity issues or anything else. Apparently, despite age and power inequities they are still "the man" and suffer no bad outcome. No shame from their subordinate position. No residue from being used.

But girls do.

Even though they mature, physically and mentally, earlier than boys.

That doesn't even make sense. You all look and see someone who is *easy*... meaning subordinate to men's lusts. I don't think it's a sign of being *easy* to chose someone who is subordinate and can be manipulated. She's getting something other than sex from this "relationship" (same with that other "teacher" who is so famous) What is she getting?

And the boys... years later they are "in love" and engaged to this older woman.

Men can cause that same devotion with young girls by following the same plan.

Why do people think this is *healthy*?

Well, there is the world yo... (Below threshold)

Well, there is the world you might like to exist and the world that actually exists. The short answer to Synova's series of questions is emphatically NO NO NO, boys do not suffer long-term consequences for scoring touchdowns. They get to brag, forever and ever. Total bonus points.

Men and women are different, get it? Boys and girls too. We are positively NOT the sensitive, caring, attached, metrosexual characters found in the female fantasy world of Melrose Place and 90210.

The physical act is not har... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The physical act is not harmful, assuming no STD is involved. If STD is involved, then age doesn't matter. Girls mature mentally before boys do, but it's not across the board. Girls act like responsible adults before boys do, but that's because boys are risk takers. Girls behind the wheel of a car are much safer drivers because they are not risk takers. Boys behind the wheel of a car want see how fast they can go. Boys mature quicker emotionally than girls, probable because there's a lot less emotion going on in the male brain than in the female brain. An early sexual relationship with an older women is much easier for a boy to handle than the reverse case. Sex is the one activity where the sexes are not equal, or at least not equally involved.

When the typical life expectance was just 35, people just couldn't wait until they were 18 to have offspring. With young people maturing sooner and sooner, why should the age of consent be later and later? Once again, I'm not saying society should promote such behavior as seen in this case, but neither should society go way overboard in punishing women who find themselves in such situations.

I wish she was a teacher at... (Below threshold)
erich alt:

I wish she was a teacher at my school, i dont blame the kid one bit shes hot!!!! On the other hand that is nasty to get with a 14 yr old.

Unless i was the 14 year o... (Below threshold)

Unless i was the 14 year old ...hehehe.

Were she a man she would be... (Below threshold)
Jo macDougal:

Were she a man she would be in jail at least 15 years.

It cannot even begin to und... (Below threshold)

It cannot even begin to understand why anyone would say that it should be okay to have sex under the age of 18. Think about it kids dont even consider their future at that age. Who will really be raising their child, not them it will be their parents and grandparents. Then consider the health care rates that people will have to pay for the kids that arent working, paying for their child. As a child the only thing kids think about is it feels good not the responsibilities that come with it. My sister in law is 16 with her new born and she has pawned it of on my mother in law her boyfriend was more important and now he is with someone else but do you think at age 16 she considered that first she thought it would be like having a dog. Then theirs the drop out rate, it is a fact that it is impossible to consentrate whilr throwing up feeling sick a very large stomach , And in the hospital having a baby. So Much For Harvard!!!!

she is hot I would do her, ... (Below threshold)

she is hot I would do her, plus she wasent even 10 years older than the kid. I mean come on.

None of this is really abou... (Below threshold)

None of this is really about breaking the rules.....its about everyones reaction to the unpredictable nature of female sexuality and the fascination with it of our male dominated society.
If Debra were male no one would give 2 shits and the case would be unknown.
But she's a gorgeous blond who chose a 14 year old fuck buddy and everyone is freaked out as to why. No one really knows when, why or where female sexuality will strike, and when it involves a hot blond demonstrating sexual initiative beyond what we are all used to....everyone wants a peice of the story.

that is how america is supp... (Below threshold)

that is how america is supposed to work. And tlord knows that poor poor kid has such a hard life gettin his dick sucked at 14, by a teacher no less, while most of us were still busy finding them vaseline bottles and women with the last names of .jpg and .mpg =[

Seig heil

Damnn.. shes not bad lookin... (Below threshold)

Damnn.. shes not bad looking either. I wouldnt mind having her as my teacher. I'd let her bang the crap out of me any day.

I am 14 and I happen to Mac... (Below threshold)

I am 14 and I happen to Mac Lorry's point. Is it really immoral, or is it just the way we're looking at this? Scociety has ruled that this is immoral, and considering the way most peolpe look at this it is immoral. My parents have over a 10 year age difference and ist not immoral.

Let's say that there is no legal age (18), In fact lets change the age to 14. If this had occured between this woman and this student, would there be any case, would there be any trial? no. Is this really such a big deal that it is wrong, in the sense of God, or wrong in the sense of scociety, or wrong in the sense of nature? For example let's say there is no U.S., you are living in a village and this occurs between this 14 year old and this woman. There are no laws against it. There are no restrictions. What's so bad? The kid wouldn't be scarred emotionally because there is no law against it. So ask yourself is this wrong because of law or because of what nature intended for us to be and do?

id hit it.... (Below threshold)

id hit it.

id hit it.... (Below threshold)

id hit it.

I don't know what your talk... (Below threshold)
Brian Blake:

I don't know what your talking about I'm 18 and I wish she's my teacher because i would let her bang the crap out of me and I would let her take advantage god dam.

That kid is a STUD in my Bo... (Below threshold)

That kid is a STUD in my Book.
I'm sure he enjoyed all of the 3 seconds that he ws in that Dumb broads Sweet Juicy Pussy too.
Forget about Psychological Scars, he is going down in the history books as a bigger stud than any homecoming King, or All Star Football Quarterback.

Synova - Your rath reminds ... (Below threshold)
Buck Wheat:

Synova - Your rath reminds me of a bull dyke that cant get a date and who has just ran out of batteries. Damn... chill out

Uh, the word is "wrath". ... (Below threshold)

Uh, the word is "wrath". Anyhoo, the position of most men seems to be that women who object to this are ugly, jealous, etc.

Here's the deal. If this were a guy, you people would be all over him. If this woman weren't "hot" in your eyes, would it still be OK? Being attractive doesn't give anyone a free pass to violate the law, whether you're male or female. Like others here have said, this woman had a responsibility. I don't believe her job description entailed sex with students. Period.

The sex might have been with his consent, but SHE was the adult here. You cannot overlook that or deny it or skirt around it. He was not 16 when this happened. She is in her 20's, yes, but there's some details no one seems to mention.

1) She was his teacher. Somebody who should've acted in a responsible, trustworthy way. Most parents don't send their children to school in the hopes that they'll live out some XXX porno schoolboy fantasy. School is for learning and she was there to provide that...not blowjobs to a student.

2) She was a married woman. Not only was she unfaithful to her husband, but with a KID? Of all the people in the world, a 14-year-old boy? With all the horny virile men in their 20's, she had to do this with a minor. Not like she had sex with another teacher or member of staff...this was her student. She wasn't a teenage girl.

3) Like somebody above mentioned, she seems to feel justified in her actions. No one's perfect but it bothers people when they see somebody who won't take responsibility. She was the adult, she was in a position of authority, and she abused it. If her job or those students mattered to her...she wouldn't have done that. If her marriage mattered to her...she wouldn't have done that. She's dumber than shit, too, if she thought no one would ever discover what she was up to.

4) When she was interviewed, she tried to make it sound like this boy initiated an unwanted encounter with her. Like he raped her or something. She said he fondled her and she protested, then started pulling out the excuses. "Oh, I'm bipolar. Oh, I was raped as a teenager". Not only is she saying it's his fault but she's trying to cover herself by making excuses.

I wish people (men) wouldn't be blind to a person's character b/c of looks. If a good-looking coach or teacher has sex with a female student, he is labeled a sex offender, a pervert. You would want to put him away. Because the offender happens to be young, blonde, and "hot" in your eyes...somehow that makes it OK. Because after all, every boy wants to screw their teacher, right? She didn't ruin his life but is she somebody you would trust with your 14-year-old sons? A minor is a minor.

No, most women aren't jealous of this white trash. That is what men will say b/c they don't want to hear different sides. You see a pretty girl and in your mind, that's all that matters. The head upstairs doesn't work anymore. You're defending what she's done. We simply have our own perspective about this and we feel that her actions were inappropriate. Being blonde or pretty doesn't diminish the inappropriate actions of an individual. She has to live with the consequences of her actions. She isn't a rapist in the literal sense, and she isn't a murderer...but she did do something highly inappropriate with a young boy. She wasn't a friend of his mom, or his brother's girlfriend, or the sexy neighbor next door. None of which would be OK, but she was his teacher.

She lives in this country. She should know about people like Mary Kay Letourneau! Mary Kay's only difference was her age, children, and the fact that she continued a relationship with Vili. Mary Kay seems to have mental problems and was the victim of incest. When Debra was interviewed, she seemed to be very indifferent about it, like, "Oh, well". She might not be very bright but she understood very well that her actions were inappropriate. Didn't bother her one bit. She probably has never had a real thought in her life about the feelings of others. She's young, dumb, full of cum. Her role and responsibility as an educator flew out the window. She is beautiful but there's something wrong when professional women can't even be treated with respect b/c of people like this. As a young female teacher in a classroom of horny boys, she should've acted with self-respect instead of like some slutty "teacher" in a porno movie.

Gado made some really good ... (Below threshold)

Gado made some really good points.....its mostly society bro....and their colloquial imposed double standards and sexual hang-ups....this was very obviously a victimless crime....ecstacy was the only outcome....she and he....his pleasure is obvious to everyone....he had his first orgasm inside of and in the arms of a beautiful blond diva.....and she expereinced the intensity of having an enthusiastic lover with a fresh charge of sexual energy on his batteries blow his "battery fluid" inside of her....in other words....they both expereinced arm candy....so what really is the problem here? Other than our societies bullshit sexual hangups.
Hey i understand everyones enthusiastic interest in " little debbie's" sexual initiative....when a woman that looks like and is built like her shows the kind of interest and sexual proactivity and persuit of a lover the way she did everyone perks the hell up and wants to know what motivated it......since it is rare in our fucking society to see such sexual interest exhibited by beautiful women.
Well guess what......women DO have biological urges on occassion ( oh my god !!!! ).....and they DO sometimes act on them ( oh my god !!! ) ....so to the media and press and our society I submit these three words of advice.........GET OVER IT. And get a fucking clue.

As stated before if it had ... (Below threshold)
Jay B:

As stated before if it had been any of us guys when we were in school, to have the chance to knock off a teacher that looked like this. we would be so damn popular. I am not convinced that this student did not attempt to bag this teacher, and succeeded on his own, with bad judgement on her part. Besides kids these days don't look their age anyway, 14 could look like 19 or 20 now. Maybe he whipped out his package and she said "damn, your bigger than my husband! I gotta have it!".
The whole thing to me is yes we have double standards, if it had been a male teacher with a female student, he would have be charged with everything under the sun, no question about it. I think the Judge thought about this case like most of us guys, and said to himself "damn, what a lucky kid!".






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