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Dude, where's my bail?

Every now and then, one stumbles across a heart-warming story like this one: teens rally around one of their own who is in trouble, and organize a fundraiser to help out the poor kid. It's the kind of thing that gives most folks warm fuzzies, and hopes for what is often considered the feckless youth of today.

Leave it to Massachusetts kids (well, mostly Massachusetts kids, with a couple of NH knuckleheads tossed in for seasoning) to take that idea and do something stupid with it.

The "teen" in question turned out to be a guy named "Lee," who was actually in his 20's. And his "problem" was financial -- he lacked bail money after getting arrested for burglary. And the fund-raiser in question involved leasing the American Legion Hall in Pelham, New Hampshire and hosting and underage beer bash, with a jug set up for donations to "free Lee."

Police ended up nabbing 76 teenagers in various degrees of intoxication at the Legion, and the Legion itself is acutely embarassed.

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Well... The President of my... (Below threshold)
John Anderson:

Well... The President of my Senior class in 1963 was in his early twenties, he had served a (short) term for burglary (of his father's hardware store). Not somebody to look up to, no, but oddly a nice guy who messed up badly.

Wasn't that where you got t... (Below threshold)

Wasn't that where you got the picture for the last "best caption contest" you ran?

But, did they raise the mon... (Below threshold)

But, did they raise the money?

Lee may be the least stupid one in all this -- maybe.

Ok how about I was there th... (Below threshold)

Ok how about I was there that night...the police and whoever wrote this is blowing it way out of proportion. My brother has a band that played for the Free Lee concert and a concert is exactly what it was. And way to be completely degenerate about "Massachusetts kids" who are you to say that NH kids arent as rowdy or as retarded as us. If you take a group of kids no matter the age and put them all in a room with bands and no supervision you get exactly the kind of mess the legion had. In MASSACHUSETTS the law states that for an underage gig like concert bands a rent-a-cop must be present at the door. THERE WAS NONE!...and as for a beer bash...get your facts straight...the police only arrested three or four people for underage drinking why would they let the rest go scott free if everyone was having the drinkfest of their life? If you ask me this is getting retarded!






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