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Gallup Drops CNN

The Gallup Organization dropped CNN as a polling partner. Take a look at the number one reason Gallup listed in its announcement:

WHY. 1) CNN has far fewer viewers than it did in the past and we feel that our brand was getting lost and diluted combined with the CNN brand. We have only about 200 thousand viewers during our CNN segments.

CNN has tried to copy what Fox News is doing; however, viewers are unimpressed. Liberal pap is still liberal pap no matter how it's dressed up.

Newsbusters has more.

Others blogging:

Gordon Taylor at RedState
Mac Stansbury


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Comments (8)

So, those that claim to rep... (Below threshold)

So, those that claim to represent "reality", get a taste of the real thing.

Will it make a difference?

No. But, it's fun to watch.

Redstate: that's one dumb, ... (Below threshold)

Redstate: that's one dumb, clumsy blog (I mean, "diary"). *eyes rolling* And the Fox-CNN backstory: Dilbert's much more compelling. MUCH! (Beats the fat fish, though!) Now, if there was ONE major network that didn't constantly push the Globalist agenda, be it from the ostensible "right" or ostensible "left", there'd be reason to care. But since there's not, the public is treated to Tales of Office Derring-do, wherein trans-cubicle fairy-fights between sales and PR departments (where everyone has worked, at one time or another, for everyone else), are presented as Tragedy. George Costanza vs Elaine Bennis: oooooo(they're both nuts)ooooo!

To the extent that I watch ... (Below threshold)

To the extent that I watch news at all, it's FNC for me. Not only do I feel that I'm usually getting something like both sides of the story, they've got some of the best looking women...

But I digress.

CNN is often on in restaurants when I'm at dinner, and it makes me sick. I've seen them run "headlines" and stories like "Bush's War on the Middle Class" and "analyses" about how badly we're losing in Iraq. This isn't news: it's left-wing agiprop. And who can forget that, during the '04 campaign, democrat strategists like Paul Begala and Jim Carville simultaneously held positions as hosts on CNN and as advisors to the Kerry campaign?

Outside the realm of politics, CNN's former chief had to admit that his network covered up some of the crimes of Saddam in exchange for "access". How can even the reality-based community watch CNN with a feeling of complete trust after that?

Fox is capitalizing on a few of things:

1. Americans currently have a historically low level of trust in media in general. We on the right don't trust the "MSM"; those on the left can't stand Fox, the New York Post and the Washington Times.

2. For decades there has been no national source of news with a right wing slant. Nature abhors a vacuum, and Fox is filling it nicely.

3. Attractive anchors in brief skirts and tall boots. 'Nuff said.

CNN isn't a "liberal" chann... (Below threshold)

CNN isn't a "liberal" channel. There's no such thing as "liberal media". FOX is hard right propaganda. You are an idiot.

CNN isn't a "liber... (Below threshold)
CNN isn't a "liberal" channel. There's no such thing as "liberal media". FOX is hard right propaganda. You are an idiot.

Posted by: r at March 22, 2006 06:34 AM

You are clearly delusional.

Hmmm.What's really... (Below threshold)


What's really amusing to me is that CNN's primary audience is based on institutions.

Because CNN was the first news channel most institutions have settled on CNN for their buildings. This means that it's CNN that's available in hospitals, airports and other large structures. I know this because the hospital I get outpatient treatment at only serves CNN and not FoxNews. And yes it's aggravating.

I read somewhere, and don't rely on this because my memory lately has sucked, that there about 350,000 institutional customers of CNN in America. A single hospital, which counts as a single institution, could have 400 beds and all of them are restricted to CNN as the only 24 hour news channel.

So I really wonder, really really wonder, just how many of those "viewers" that CNN claims are really involuntary? It's possible that CNN's numbers are even worse than the Nielsons reports and that if the locked in institutions were to provide alternatives to CNN that CNN might end up below 100,000 viewers.

I dropped CNN years ago. An... (Below threshold)

I dropped CNN years ago. Anyone who thinks it doesn't have a bias is indeed delusional. It's interesting that CNN is the network of choice in airport terminals, bus stations, restaurants and other locations with captive audiences---it's become public backround noise.

I cannot stomach to watch ... (Below threshold)

I cannot stomach to watch CNN anymore , they are flying off the left coast at an accelerated pace.. This is not News ,this is left wing propaganda on a hollywood scale They are going the way of The New York Times...






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